The Shenanigans of 42 : Chapter 2

Continued from The Shenanigans of 42 : Chapter 1.

Enjoy our 2nd week at Hogwarts!

Dear Alex,

(I’ve decided to name you Alex because, quite honestly, don’t you think “journal” is too mainstream?)

First year in Hogwarts has been a rather mixed affair. I don’t think I expected just how much magic can do, but I don’t think I quite expected the friends I’d make, either. We’re in a dorm under this boy called Novi – you’re allowed multi-gender dorms here, but there’s a fair bit of barrier magic that prevents….certain mishaps. Anyway, that’s a pretty cool rule, because Novi is really awesome! He calls himself Bat Leader, and the rest of the dormies are just as friendly as he is (and sometimes a little weird, but in a good sort of way).

The best part? We get study buddies – which makes doing dreary homework a little more bearable. I didn’t realise how much a 500-word essay from our first Potions class would make me want to slam my head against a wall.

But, you know what? I think I’ve settled in all right. It’s been two weeks, after all. I think some of my dormies are even planning something big for next Friday – can’t wait! (I also think it may be illegal)

Until next time,
Lyls (Lylia Lee)

This week has been crazy. With all the hype about the DO (Daily Owl) and prefects being assigned, as well as new professors showing up for 2nd year electives, there’s been a lot of conversation lately. I got a cold (yay), I wrote over FOUR HUNDRED words for ONE SPELL in my most recent journal entry and had to cut it down, the Great hall and Dorm Chats have been down, finals are almost upon us (or upon us for a couple of subjects), and Slytherin is still close behind us for the house cup (no one would have ever guessed that they would be our fiercest competition, surprisingly). And surprisingly, Gryffindor is in LAST for the house cup, despite having the second most amount of students (I guess they’re just too busy being brave to do their homework). I’m way far behind in all of my classes except for Charms and Herbology (Charms = Lesson 5 and Herbology = Lesson 6), so I feel like I’m going to be a forever first year, and I haven’t been on much. I guess that’s all for this week, but don’t think all the craziness will end any time soon.

The Darling of Ravenclaw House (as dubbed by The Batman) (Anna-Noel Imbriaco)

Dear Journal,

Today I finally had enough time to spend to myself. I was accepted into Hogwarts a few weeks ago and have been taking everything in at once, being the only witch in my family [that I know of] I spent hours and days studying what it was to be a witch and how to act like a proper one. Once I finally put my books and notebooks down I saw my dormmates. They’re wonderful people, and I know I’m not alone. They make me laugh, and make me feel welcome. They are my sisters [and brothers *ahem Novi ahem*] And I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world. I’ve been so deep in my own studies that I seemed to procrastinate with my own school work. Luckily it doesn’t have a due date for most of the stuff, which is good considering how horrible I am at doing it.

My dormmates are wonderful and egg me on to do my work it’s sad to say that I procrastinate way too much, but I enjoy their company all the time. I wasn’t surprised when I found out I was a Ravenclaw, but after being in the house for a while I’m wondering if this was a good choice [considering my work ethic] But I’m really glad the hat chose me to be in Ravenclaw.

Well, it’s really late and I should honestly be doing homework, but…we’ll see how that goes for tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what adventures lie with my dormmates in the future!!!

Ama Marie. (Ama Marie)

Dear Friend,

I’ve decided to call you friend. I couldn’t think up a good name that sounded right. Anyways, This week at Hogwarts was a busy one. I told a lot of great jokes though! For example: Why did the book go and work for the police force? He wanted to work UNDERCOVER! Hahahahha. I love my jokes. Other than being busy nothing super crazy happened. I learned a new game. Cards against humanity or something like that. It was really fun. I hope we play it again soon.  There was of course another Frozen sing-along. Rhi pampered me and made me soup because I’ve been sick. Well that’s all for now. I still have three assignments to do and turn in.

Until next week,
Cici the Certainly Headless Prefect (Cristina Trail)

Dear Journal,

Well this is the first time I’ve been able to sit down and actually write down what’s been going on at school.Things are so different here than they were at my old school. I’m still getting lost in the hallways thanks to the the moving staircases. I would have missed my very first Potions class if it wasn’t for Bronze Feather. I was trying to get from Transfiguration to Potions but then somehow got turned around on my way to the dungeon.

I was just standing there in some hallway about to cry when Bronze walked up. She was so nice about it, not making me feel any more dumb than I already did. I’ve come to realize that this is actually the best part of going to Hogwarts, my dorm mates! They’ve all been super nice, explaining things to me when I’m lost. (You know, all the time!) Plus, there is so much craziness in my dorm! I’m really getting tired or I would write more about it now, I guess it’ll have to wait.  I will say this, Cici is probably one of the funniest people I have ever met, I love her corny jokes!

Well it’s after midnight and the common room is pretty empty for a change. I think it’s time for me to head to bed as well. I want to make sure that I get up early to go over my essays before classes tomorrow. Until next time Journal, good night!

Onji (Onji Thomas)

Dear Diary,

It is now the end of week 2 at Hogwarts! I still can’t believe I am actually here learning like other witches and wizards my age! This week has been quite fun! My friend Bry and I are choosing dresses for the Ball (Yeah we know, no Ball has been planned yet, we just like looking at dresses!). My dormies are leaving me with stomach cramps from all the laughing. Cristina is providing us with daily jokes to keep the spirits up, especially for those who are missing home, like myself, I’ll be sending owls to my parents fortnightly so they can get a glimpse on how my studies are going here on the other side of the world. And there are many sing-a-longs, especially to the Disney movie Frozen! My singing partners usually are Dani (Bronze) and Onji! The other night we were all sitting around deep in discussion about study when we started writing a list of steps to create the best dorm ever! They are as follows:

Rhi: 8 effective steps to dorm management
Cristy: Step one, Be Novi.
Rhi: Step two, perfacts
Rhi: Step three, dermiez
Cristy: Step four, be owesome
Cristy: Step five, luuuuv
Rhi: Step six, sterdy buddiez
Bronze: Step seven, party. Cristy: Step seven, jokez
Cristy: Step eight, Be Novi
Rhi: Step eight can be jokes XD
Bronze: I had jokes as 8 XD

Novi face palmed at us three and ignored us while we were in fits of laughter. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, we are weird. But I love my dormies! We also started play a game called Cards Against Humanity. I think we are going to play it more often now as lots of dormies enjoyed it. I even introduced my friends to my dormies! We found our cheekier and naughtier side during this game and bought many laughter to the great hall.

In my dorm we have created our own little language, or ‘speak’ based off text messages with wrong spelling (gotta love muggle technology!) We currently have a big list of words under the title ‘deni speak’ and now Novi is trying to use ‘rhiennun speak’ (he has begun mocking my Australian slang, putting an O at the end of most words).

Classes are starting to get harder now that we have settled into school. We have set up a little chart in our dorm to see who has the most points. For a while there it was Manon, now it has swapped over to Dani. I hope to catch up to the girls soon, and get stuck into my study! I am a Ravenclaw after all!

So far I am having a really good time here! I shall write to you next week Diary!

rhiennun. (Rhiannon Fleetwood)

1st June – 7th June:

So… Hi. My name is Novellus Batman. No, wait. My name was Novellus Batman. I am a ghost now. I died last Monday in my sleep. I was 61, not really old. But meh, I lived a full life. I had the opportunity of knowing Albus Dumbledore, first as his student, then as a friend. He was my true hero. I lived through the Battle of Hogwarts (my son took part in it, I’m proud of him!). I met the love of my life, married her, had three beautiful children, … More of my life story later. Anyway. I had come to Hogwarts last week for a meeting of the Wizengamot, to be chaired by Headmaster Balog. I requested to be put up in Ravenclaw Tower, just to reminisce my old school days among the first year kids. “You will love your time in The League of 42 Dorm”, Henrick Darkstorm, who is now Head of Ravenclaw House, had said. “Those kids are the pride of Ravenclaw Hosue. You will love getting to know them.” Little did I know that I would breathe my last in here and turn into a ghost. Looks like I have all of eternity to get to know these kids. I am now a part of The League of 42. Forever. *sigh*

I’m Batman. (The Ghost of Novellus Batman)

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The Shenanigans of 42 : Chapter 1


This is the diary written by members of The League of 42. Hope you enjoy reading our entries.

This diary/book was drawn from an idea from our very own Lylia Lee. As far as we know, no other dorm has ONE diary for all its members. You will notice some of our entries have the same events, because we have been current to see these events unfold. Everyone also has different events going on, as not everyone was there to see it, or they did those events with other people.

Dear Diary,
This was a great week at Hogwarts. I had a great time. I was even made a prefect by Professor Quilmane! I have the best dorm mates. We set up a really good study system. We each have a study buddy. All of them are so friendly and supportive. I told some great jokes! Want to hear them? Of course you do. Who doesn’t like jokes? The first one was “What kind of clothes do lawyers wear to court?” Can you guess? The answer is LAWSUITS. Funny, right? The next one is even better. It goes “What kind of boats to vampires like?” You’ll never guess the answer! It was Blood Vessels!!!! XD So funny I know!! I can’t wait to tell them more. I should mention at this point that I am headless. It was a freak accident that my dormie Ghosite Dani caused. I don’t want to go into details, (Who wants details of a head getting cut off?) but it’s important to know that, I think. It caused an accident in herbology, my being headless, we were studying bouncing bulbs and between my clumsiness and having no head I tripped and fell onto one of them! It attacked me! Luckily Dani, my other dormie not to be confused with Ghostie Dani, was there to save me. My courses went well this week I think. Not much happened, other than the Bouncing Bulb incident. That’s all I have for now. Until next week Diary. (I’m going to think of a new name for you by then).

Cici the Certainly Headless Prefect (Cristina Trail)

I have finally settled down in my dorm for the start of my scholastic career at Hogwarts and I have never thought I could find such an amazing group of friends! We all sat down at the direction of our fearless Bat Leader, Novi, for some get to know your dormies fun. This quickly devolved into a discussion about Doctor Who, our families back home, and what socks we were currently wearing. We all knew we were in this together and were going to make the League of 42 the best dorm on campus! We set a goal to make at least 10,000 points for Ravenclaw as a dorm and set up a council of members headed by Novi, Dani, Cristy, and Manon with another member rotated in weekly. Dani set up a spreadsheet in order to help us stay motivated about schoolwork and Novi set us into study partners (although it ends up being a giant study party in our dorm most of the time…complete with Oreos and butter beer).
All in all, between the cheesy jokes from Cristy (what do lawyers wear in court? LAWSUITS!), the constant hilarity from Novi, the impromptu sing a longs from Frozen songs, and the support and cheering from the rest of my dormies I know that this first year of Hogwarts is going to be AMAZING.

(Nicole Leininger)

Dear Diary,

Well, it looks like I’ve finally settled in at Hogwarts! So far my dorm is amazing! We are called The League of 42, you wouldn’t believe how many students are in our dorm! Yeah, it’s 42, I know, I know, I need to get better at ‘humour’. My dorm mates stay up all night talking about the most random things! I guess I should mention at this point I was sorted into Ravenclaw! The Sorting Hat was considering Hufflepuff but thought I was more Brainy than loyal. Pfft. At least my studies are proving I was put into the right house. So far Ravenclaw is winning the house cup! My dorm mates have created this ‘Study Buddy’ system to help us get lots of points (we are trying to get 10,000 all together in the next few weeks). I have talked with my partner, but I kind of just get advice from all my dormies. I have already become friends with others outside my dorm. A Gryffindor named Preston, Two Slytherin girls; Lillian and Bryanna and a fellow Ravenclaw named Gray. We may or may not get up to a bit of mischief around the school. If I am not seen with my dorm mates in the Great Hall, you can bet your Knuts I will be with my friends! We have sort of nicknamed ourselves the Fabulous Five.. It’s because we are just fabulous. Um…I kinda got to wrap this up diary, I need to study for my History of Magic assignment.

Lots of love,
Rhi (or rhiennun, as my dorm leader calls me) (Rhiannon Fleetwood)

Week one I arrived at Hogwarts a week ago. I was put into place in dorm 15,991. They call themselves the League of 42. Why 42? Because, 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. There is a Batman in the dorm. Everyone seems to fawn over him. There is also a ghost girl. A prefect hangs around the dorm tripping over stuff all day, possibly due to the fact that she is headless. I will remember to keep my distance from her and her accident proneness. There is a girl named Dani. She has a strange nickname Bronze something (Feather I believe). There is also some girl named Rhi. She is special for being the only one in some country I think. There are others, but I have yet to gather enough intel on them to talk about them. From what I see there is a substantial amount of people in the dorm that are never there. They have a “Study Buddy” system set up. It goes into great detail. They keep records of everyone’s points and the amount each pair has total. There is also a document to keep track of where they are in the courses. Being placed in Ravenclaw is going to make this harder than I thought. So far they suspect nothing. There is a girl walking towards me. She goes by Amanda. I must go for now. I’ll update you in one weeks’ time.

James S (Unknown to other Dormies)

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8 Steps to Effective Dorm Management

From the Author:
“Greetings! This book is the story of how I put together an awesome Dorm, being the Dorm Leader of Ravenclaw Dorm #15,991 : “The League of 42″, officially the COOLEST DORM in Hogwarts. You are welcome to follow from my experience, and give us a run to the title. We like to have a little competition. The fun continues, so I will keep adding stuff, as & when I feel like there is stuff to share. Stay awesome. Cheers, I’m Batman.”


Decide on a limit to the Dorm, very early on. And try not to exceed it. Close the Dorm to further entries, and have a strict policy of “Yes” or “No”, but politely. If you’re the Leader, then you need to act like one sometimes, towards friends & strangers alike. Try to get a Prefect or two to be a member of your Dorm, it’s not absolutely necessary, but an added bonus. They have direct access to Professors. Sometimes, it helps clarify stuff faster. Trust me. Also, come up with a cool attractive name, logo and motto for the Dorm.

My Dorm has 42 members (including two awesome Prefects- Cristina Trail & Bronze Feather) and is called “The League of 42”. It was called “The Bat League” before, but I changed it because I didn’t want to force my name on the rest of them. 😛

Our Dorm motto is: “amicitiam conuingit omnes” which is Latin for “Friendship conquers all“. My current profile picture is our Dorm Logo.logo


Next, have a neatly typed out “Welcome mail” ready. Keep it casual & pleasant. We all like to be welcomed into something new, it makes us feel belonged.

My welcome mail used to read:

Greetings, my dear fellow Ravenclaws!

I’m your Dorm leader, Novellus, and welcome to Dorm #15,991. I’ll be the chief moderator for this term. I am a first year just like you. I am looking to put together an awesome team of Ravenclaw first years. By the time we all finish seventh term, we would not only be proud wizards and witches from all corners of the world, but also great friends. So start getting to know your dorm mates!

I’m messaging you all in private because our dorm chat room is currently down. So if it seems a little quiet, just be patient and give it some time. Once it’s up, we will look to keep the discussions lively and interactive, the competition healthy, give our suggestions, and help each other in quizzes, essays and assignments to score maximum points. The student with the most number of points in the dorm at the end of each week gets to wear the star badge against his/her name.

While our ultimate goal is to help Ravenclaw House win the House Cup at the end of the term, I would also like our dorm to be the biggest contributor in the process. So take your courses as seriously as you do your muggle ones, do your assignments and write your essays with equal enthusiasm.

You will all be allotted study partners soon (unless you wish to pick your own, in which case you are most welcome!), and I will also introduce some in-dorm fun games for better interaction. More of that coming soon!

Meanwhile, if you come across any of the other newer Ravenclaws looking for a dorm, or the older first years looking to switch, make sure you invite them to Dorm #15,991: The League of 42. Because we’re awesome.

Lastly, our Dorm Motto is “carpe diem” #SeizeTheDay. So go forth and seize the day, Ravenclaws! Let’s make it the best dorm in Ravenclaw and all of Hogwarts! #CawCawRavenClaw #Ravenclawesome


P.S.: If any of you need any assistance and/or wish to keep in touch in the touch in the muggle world too, inbox me. We shall exchange Facebook and/or Twitter ids.


Make a Google Spreadsheet, and list all the Dorm-mates. Note down their time zones. If your Dorm has a lot of members, split them up in groups of 2 or 3 “study buddies”, on basis of time zones. It will encourage a sense of purpose towards completing coursework.  Also, urge them all to keep updating their points on a regular basis into the spreadsheet.

Here’s how my Dorm Google document appears.

I request you NOT to edit or make any changes. It is the original document. Notice how we even have subject-wise spreadsheets, at the bottom, to help Dorm-mates keep a track of their progress as well as compare them to others to motivate themselves, or in case someone wants to consult a Dorm-mate who has already finished a chapter they’re currently struggling with. Every time you finish a chapter of a subject, and submit the assignment/essay for grading, you can mark a “Y” against the said chapter in the subject spreadsheet. Filling the subject spreadsheets is NOT compulsory in our Dorm, although I usually personally recommend them to make the best use of the provision.

There are 42 people in my Dorm, divided into 21 study pairs, almost each of them is assigned a study buddy in the same time zone, so they can work out a study schedule together.


Make a closed Facebook Group with ONLY Dorm-mates as members. Request everybody to join it. It is easy to ask questions, clarify queries & hold discussions on the Facebook group, than on the HiH site. Besides, important announcements & updates are easily tracked because of the notifications feature on Facebook.

For those who are NOT on Facebook, post updates in the Dorm chat, as well as send them owls. Assure them that they may also seek help at any time by sending you an owl.

I usually make a promise wherein I give my Dormies a 24-hour window to reply to any query of theirs, between the time they send me the owl to the time their query is suitably addressed. That way, you keep your accountability/responsibility quotient high and lead by example.

Twitter is a good way to build your Dorm brand. Make a twitter page for your Dorm and keep it active, tweeting and re-tweeting Hogwarts stuff regularly.

You can find us here or look for the handle @L42onHiH


Make a Chatzy group, again ONLY for Dorm-mates. Have a secret entry password if needed. The Chatzy room is for Dorm meetings & casual conversations.

The rule in our Chatzy is to use the HiH name & pick the color of the continent we live in. We are spread across 4 continents. We try to have dorm meetings at least on alternate weekends, for an hour or two. The date & time is usually conveyed.


Make a Dorm Council, because the Dorm Leader cannot single-handedly manage all the above, let’s face it.

Our Dorm Council is nothing more than a panel of 5 witches or wizards from within the Dorm, who have an added responsibility of ensuring the smooth running of the Dorm. We have 3 permanent members- Dorm Leader & the 2 Prefects, one position for the current highest scorer in the Dorm, and the last one is a rotating position, which changes on a weekly basis, alphabetically. Ensure that despite the formal sounding name, it gives them no added power. The council is there to serve the Dorm. We are all equal. The sole purpose of having a council was to ensure everybody has a say and we are able to make decisions after thorough discussion & consultations. Besides I, being the Dorm leader, am too old to run the show alone. 😛

Jokes apart, it is a rotating body, so everybody gets a chance to be on the council.


Have some basic Dorm rules & regulations drawn.

We had to include this in our Dorm because of some recent events:

Let it be known that respect should be given to everyone on HiH, from Professors & Prefects to every fellow student. Derogatory language and bullying is unacceptable and acting in a way that negatively reflects on our Dorm & House is frowned upon. If any of you feel like you are being the victim to such behavior, please ignore. Ignorance is the best comeback. Ever. But if you cannot ignore it beyond a point, kindly report it to the admins. Also, do keep us all in the loop, your Dorm-mates may be able to help you out (All for One, One for All?). Let us all keep in mind that all of us are here on this website to have fun. My only wish is we have the most fun possible together while we are here.


Lastly, try and have as much fun as possible. Make awesome friends from all corners of the Earth and across all age-groups. Get to know them all. Everybody’s a gem of a person on the inside. It’s an opportunity to meet people you wouldn’t have met in real life otherwise, and learn from them. That should be the general spirit in the Dorm. Motivate your Dorm-mates regularly by posting about who’s doing well, which is the best study pair, how many points the Dorm has contributed, etc. (At last count, our Dorm has contributed a little over 8,200 points to Ravenclaw House, and I’m still on zero. Imagine that!)

So, ladies & gentlemen, that is the story of how I put together an awesome Dorm. We are well on our way to becoming the coolest dorm in Hogwarts. You are welcome to follow from my experience, and give us a run to the title. We like to have a little competition.