Tres : The Perfect Wake Up Call (1984)

Uno : Inside The Phone Booth (1970)
Dos : After Hours In The Library (1977)

As he stood there making breakfast, he thought about the amazing night before. They had been unable to keep their hands off each other. And mouths. And literally every other body part. Even thinking about it made his heart flutter and he felt a current run through his body. He was all bare except for his trunks, which he had pulled on while getting out of bed.

They had both arrived the previous evening. Work kept them apart from each other. And now they had decided to take this weekend off to Maldives together. Today was the first day of a week of happy memories, yet to form. He couldn’t wait. She was probably more lagged than he was. He felt a little sorry for her, she must really love him, to have flown all the way to spend a week together. He liked the thought of that. It brought a smile to his lips.

He picked up the tray containing breakfast and tea, and headed to the bedroom. He passed by the living room of the cottage they had rented by the beach. The sun was up, and there was a cool sea breeze through the large windows. The curtains danced with the breeze. This was heaven.

She was still fast asleep, when he entered. He placed the tray by the bedside and sat at the edge of his side of the bed. She looked so calm and serene in her sleep. She wouldn’t shut up when she was awake. She always had a lot to tell him. Raising a 4-year old and year-old twin babies must keep her really busy, he thought, but if she was stressed, she never showed it. The only part he hated about his job was that it kept him away from his beautiful wife and kids for weeks together, and his family meant the world to him. She knew it. She liked to narrate everything that happened in her perfect little world, and it helped that he was a good listener. He could keep listening to her all day. But sometimes, he thought the only way to shut her up was to put his mouth to hers. He didn’t know any other way. He laughed at himself over that thought. Just then the light sunbeam that fell on her face every time the curtains moved woke her up, and she turned.

She was wearing only his shirt. Her hair was disheveled. Yet in that moment, she was the sexiest woman on Earth. For him. She looked up at him through those emerald green eyes, and smiled. And he went weak in the knees. He thanked his stars he was already sitting.

“Come here, you”, she stretched out her arms, still lying down, the sleeves of his shirt too long for her arms, her palms still hidden inside them. That was, to him, the sexiest sight in the world. He bent over and kissed her on the forehead. She ran her fingers through his hair. Oh, how much he loved when she did that!

“Did you have a good night’s rest, love?” he asked.


“Oh yes. But after last night, all I want is more”, she said and pulled him closer. They kissed.

“I made you some breakfast…”

“Thank you, but that can wait.”


They kissed again, and the familiar current swept through him again. He had promised himself to make every moment he got to spend with her special, so he decided not to waste much time. He unbuttoned her shirt and swept it aside. He kissed her chin, then he kissed her neck and shoulders. He slid down to face her breasts. He nibbled and licked those juicy nipples. He knew she liked that. She let out a moan of pleasure in approval. He slid further down and kissed her navel. He placed his palms on her breasts and began to move them in circles, all the while squeezing it gently. He got up to settle between her legs where she lay. He took them in each hand and slowly spread them. He kissed her feet, then her knees, then the inside of her thighs. She had started to get a little agitated with the teasing. He mentally high-fived himself, but wasn’t letting go so easy. He let go of her legs, and resumed to hold her breasts. But this time he put his head in between her legs and kissed her vagina, his hot breath intensifying the pleasure. She gave a jerk. He appreciated the fact that she had made it a point to shave for him, even though he didn’t really mind, he was just happy to have her.

He slowly took one hand off her breasts and delicately fingered the edge of her vagina. He enjoyed making her moan in pleasure. In return, she always made it a point to let him know she was enjoying what he did to her. He inserted his index and middle finger and touched her clitoris and upper walls of her vagina. He knew exactly where her favorite spot was. She reached her first orgasm, just as he had expected her to. He bent down and licked it. It tasted like nectar. The roughness of his tongue at that wet spot was the ultimate high of all the waves that had swept her so far. She arched her back and screamed his name. She was out of breath and breathing heavily now.

“That is to remind you of what you missed, and what you will be missing after this week”, he grinned.

8“Well, in that case, it’s my turn to show you what you miss out on”, she said and pushed him over. She climbed on to him and sat saddled over his thighs. She pinned his arms to either side on the bed, and kissed him, slowly, their tongues dueling each other. She lifted her face just when it was getting interesting. Then she licked his chin and neck, as she slid down, her hair swept across his face, and she felt his arms give a tug. She giggled.

His erection was harder than ever now. She slowly licked his man-nipples, circling them with her tongue. She let his arms go, and ran her fingers through his abs, then kissed them. She slid further down, and his erection quivered. She bent down, till her breasts barely touched it. He gave a shudder. She was taunting him now. She put her fingers around the shaft and began to stroke it gently, and as she began to bend over…

“That’s enough. Come here, you!” he began to sit up, but she pushed him back. She climbed on to his shaft, and lowered herself slowly, closing her eyes as she did. He let out a loud groan. She began to grind in a somewhat circular motion, her hands behind her head, running them through her hair. She bent down to kiss him again. He arched his knees to get her closer to him, and lifted his head to kiss her between her breasts. Her movements slowly quickened. She sat upright again, placed her hands on his chest, and using his arched legs for support for her behind, she moved in a diagonal motion, both of them moaning in unison with each movement. It was a new high. The fire inside her was threatening to explode. Just before climax, he sat up for more thrust, wrapped his arms around her, and gently bit her neck. They finished in one single motion, both sitting upright, with her still on top of him.

He fell back, and she slumped on top of him, still inside her. They were both gasping for breath. It was the best they both had ever experienced.

“Happy anniversary, darling”, she whispered in his ears, as she playfully nibbled on his ear lobe. “Happy anniversary to you too, my little Puffling.”

She laughed out loud. Even after all these years.

Dos : After Hours In The Library (1977)

Have you read Uno : Inside The Phone Booth (1970) yet?

The Hogwarts Castle looked even more beautiful at night, with all the windows in the towers and turrets illuminated from the lamps within. He stood in the middle of the Quidditch Pitch, and looked up at the castle, and quietly admired the sight. It was his first year as caretaker at Hogwarts. It had been a month into the new term, and most of the students had already taken a liking to him. The professors and prefects depended on him to keep order, and he had been pretty efficient at his job, so far. He was a big improvement on Argus Filch. Of course, he still had his fans among the student community, but then, it’s not possible to please everybody all the time. He was only 24 years old, although he liked to tell stories to the first years as though pretending he were a 61 year old man.

He stood there in the middle of a September night. There was a chilly breeze. He pulled his scarf tighter around his neck. It was his usual rounds around the ground before bed time. He usually walked up to Hagrid’s to say hello, but today he noticed the light in the Library was still burning. Could it be students out of bed? He had to find out. So he decided he would go to Hagrid’s next morning to make up for today. Tomorrow was Saturday, so he could afford a late breakfast with the giant of a man.

He walked swiftly towards the castle entrance, the end of his robes sweeping the grass behind him. If only they allowed Apparition, at least in case of emergencies. He didn’t like the idea of “walking” into trouble, he preferred arriving with a bang. He wondered if the Librarian had forgotten to lock the Library after closing time. How negligent of her, he thought to himself. But then he didn’t really know her so well either, so he took back his own words. She was the same age and had joined this year. So she was as new to the staff as he was. But they had been in the same year when they were students at Hogwarts. She had been a Hufflepuff, while he was in Ravenclaw. He had always been shy, so even though he had a slight crush on her since fourth year, he had never spoken to her. She was smart, sweet & kinds to all. He always made a point to keep an eye on her at the Hufflepuff House table in the Great Hall. That habit had never given away, because he still did that at the staff table these days. He shook his head to himself as he remembered those years. She’s changed now, he thought. We’re not school kids anymore.

He reached the entrance steps, and as he passed the castle doors, he took out his wand and locked it behind him, for the night. He quickly turned the corner and reached the entrance to the Library. It was open. He walked in. The Reading Room was totally empty. He saw light coming from the Librarian’s Office. Could it be students up to mischief there? He quickly walked towards the Office, past rows of bookshelves. His footsteps echoed through the Hall, but he didn’t really mind it. The Library was empty, and there was no Librarian to hush him. Besides he wasn’t a student anymore, so he would have liked to see her try. Wait, was that a naughty thought he just had?

He reached the door, and just as he was about to pull it open, there was a loud bang, the door flew open, he was on the floor and someone was on top of him, the wand pointing at his nose. Everything happened so quickly he had no time to react at all. After a moment of slow realization, he recognized her standing with her wand pointed at him in the dark. “Hey, it’s just me- Novellus! Relax!” he said. She took a step back and said, “Lumos”. The light from her wand lit up her face. She was still just as pretty as he remembered her as a teenager. No, she was prettier now, he argued with himself. But the voice was still just as sweet.

She tried to hide her embarrassment. “I’m sorry about that. I thought it was–” she drifted. He wanted to ask “Thought it was what?” but instead “What are doing up here all alone in the middle of the night? You should be in bed, you know?” he said, as he got up and adjusted his robes.

“I know. But I’m preparing for this entrance exam. I want to be an Auror. This is just a temporary job.” she said, motioning him to follow her. She walked in and held the door to her Office open, “Come on in. I’ll make you some hot chocolate. You’re still pale from the shock of being overpowered by me.” she smiled. Oh dear, that smile. He was ready to be overpowered a hundred times just to see that smile. He walked in and she closed the door behind him. He noticed her table was full of thick-bound volumes of reference books and parchment scrolls. She was serious about wanting to be an Auror. He already began to imagine her as one, overpowering dark wizards. But he kept imagining the dark wizard to be him, and she was on top of him. ‘What is the matter with you?’, he thought to himself.

Their eyes met, there was fire in her eyes, but her cheeks were flushed bright pink, her eyelashes flickered before she looked away. What was that all about? He failed to understand. He was always bad at picking up signs from women anyway. She had her hair tied loosely in a bun at the back, held by a pin, some of it spilling onto her cheeks. As she turned to pour chocolate into cups, he glanced at her rear. Was she this hot and gorgeous looking always? “So what were you doing here at this hour? Stalking me?” passing him a cup of hot chocolate. She sat on the edge of her desk, mostly because there were books on her chair!

“What, no!” (“Oooh, can I?” was what he would have asked if not for better sense prevailing), taking the cup and settling in one of the chairs opposite her desk. “I was looking for this book, which is in the restricted section…”

That’s right. He had to lie right at this moment. Why he lied, he had no idea. He was expecting another probe into why he would need a reference book at his hour, but she got up and said, “Let’s go get your book.”

‘Ok. Now what?’ he thought. He followed her outside and through rows of bookshelves again and to the Reference Section. She opened it with a wave of her wand. He walked behind her. She was almost as tall as him. What was that feeling in his stomach? Was it the high school crush butterflies? He had thought he had outgrown them. That was years ago. He had a good look at her from behind as she walked, and the only thing he wanted right in that moment was to take this woman from the rear, right then & there. But he controlled himself. Only just. He had rarely even spoken to her, in all those years of school, even after graduating.


“You know, I always came down here. The Library was my one alternate to anything. So when I chose to become an Auror, and I heard about the job opening at Hogwarts, I thought ‘Bingo!’, what better to ask for. I could do all my reading when the students sleep, I have the whole Library to myself. Because that’s what Hermione did, right? When in doubt, go to the Libr—” before she could finish that sentence, his lips met hers. He had been unable to control himself any longer. She was too sexy to stay away from. Her first impulse was to push him away, but when he persisted and pushed her against the bookshelf, pinning her hand to her sides, she gave in. She began to kiss him back. After an eternity, they separated.

“I’m sorry about the suddenness. I always had this crush on you back in school, you know. Today just reminded me of all those years ago. I couldn’t stop myself”, he tried to sound apologetic, but he could have bet his Gringotts vault number he couldn’t stop grinning at what he had just managed to do. Kissed a girl he had always liked, in the middle of the night, in a deserted section of the Library. Wow.

“Oh my God. And I had a crush on you. But you never asked me out again after that one date seven years ago, and I was too afraid it would ruin our friendship”, she exclaimed, her cheeks now even more pink than before. She was blushing! He had made her blush! And he couldn’t believe what he was hearing either. Was it all a dream? “Well, I’m glad we cleared some things today”, he said. He thanked the heavens for helping him keep his calm demeanor. He was jumping with excitement and hunger inside. “So um—”


“Yeah. You don’t get any book for this act of misconduct. You deserve punishment. In my office. Now.”

Once inside the office, they could barely keep their hands off each other. They took off each other’s robes, lips still interlocked tightly. In a hurry to take his shirt off, she pulled so hard at it, it split at the seam. She giggled, and ran her hands down his back. He took off her dress in two swift motions. Boy, he really was on some form today. Somehow, it made her giggle harder. He pressed his lips against hers again, and pushed her against the wall of the office. She let out a low moan.

He let her go while she took off her underwear, and in one motion, he swept her office desk off all books, paper scrolls & quills. They crashed to the floor in a heap. He placed his hands on her hips and lifted her off the ground, and placed her on the edge of her desk. He bent over her and kissed her all over. She gasped for breath. He kissed her arms, shoulders and neck. Then he fondled her breasts and sucked at her nipples. She let out a squeal in pleasure and excitement. She sat up to unbutton her jeans and he pulled it down. She gasped at what she saw. “Yeah. You are the ‘Engorgio’ charm that it needed.” She almost jumped on to him for saying that. He couldn’t believe his luck. He was doing all the right things today. He took her legs, spread them apart and placed it over his shoulders. As he entered her, she closed her eyes and screamed his name out loud. That only egged him on. He pushed harder and harder till they were moving back and forth in one motion. Her hands were tied behind his neck. And their eyes burned into each other. It was pure lust. Or love. Now wasn’t the time to argue over it. But there was a deep connection, he could tell. She let go of him and lay down on the table, and screamed for more. He was only happy to oblige. She scratched at the surface of the desk, while he placed his hands over her breasts and pinched them hard, all the while still rocking back and forth. In one final movement, he let out a final “Yes!” while she cried out loud.

He climbed onto the desk to lie down next to her. They lay there in silence, looking up at the ceiling, as they waited for their breathing to get back to normal. Then she turned towards him, and laid her head on his outstretched arm. She ran her fingers over one of his nipples, “You know, I always knew you liked me that way. But you never had the courage to tell me about it. All you ever needed was a little push, and some luck.”

He was confused. What push? What luck? But he was so immersed in the satisfaction of the moment, he let it pass. He continued to stare at the ceiling. He had just made the prettiest girl he ever knew scream his name, and just before that she had admitted that she liked him too. How much better could this day get?

He looked over to her side. She had closed her eyes, and was humming a tune away, in peace. She had pulled his shirt over her naked body, it barely covered her private parts. He looked over her shoulder and noticed the hot chocolate mugs they had abandoned. His eyes moved towards the jar of chocolate, and then to the tiny vial next to it.

It had ‘Felix Felicis‘ labelled across it.

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Uno : Inside The Phone Booth (1970)

The date night had gone surprisingly smooth. So far, so good. They had hung out at the Café Coffee Day, had a nice time chatting away. The couple of hours had just flown by. He was glad they had more in common than he had imagined. He smiled to himself.

They walked along the footpath. She looked extremely pretty in the emerald green top. And jeans. The top matched the color of her eyes perfectly. She was saying something excitedly, but he wasn’t paying much attention. He was just taking in the prettiness of her face, watching her eyes go wide and her lips move. He just nodded along, just to keep her encouraged. He liked her voice, it was sweet & chirpy. Now he was counting all the things he already liked about her. The list was growing fast. He smiled to himself again. Sometimes one just gets lucky. They had known each other since his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, they had become close friends. He thought to himself, who could possibly know that somebody you meet when you are 11, can turn this attractive & hot at 18! Lucky is an understatement.

She held his arm as they crossed the road, and all of a sudden a hot wave ran across his body. What was that all about?! As they kept walking through the alley, he looked up ahead and noticed a phone booth. It had a sign that said “Out-of-order” on the door. But there was a dimly lit bulb still in there. It was a back alley, so he wondered who would actually know there was a phone booth in there in the first place, in order or out. Municipal corporations, they never get their planning right, he thought to himself, and shook his head. He noticed that she was still holding his arm, and that was doing things to his mind. And body. His heartbeat had quickened. He began to imagine them both inside that phone booth, and all that he would do to her in there…

“Do you want to go in there?”


He had not been listening to a thing she was saying. How rude, he thought to himself. Lost in thoughts about her when she was right next to him. She had noticed that he was lost in thought and staring at the phone booth ahead.

“Do you want to go in there?” she repeated. “No… I don’t really need to call anybody right now…”, he tried to sound as apologetic as possible. But she wasn’t really mad that he had been ignoring her. “You told me back there about the stuff you were going through in your personal & professional life. So I was just saying you’ll do fine. It’s only a matter of time before you find yourself back again. You are perfect to me. If this is your “worst” then I can’t even begin to imagine all the feels when you are at your best”, she told him, trying to cheer him up.

That did it. Her words, and those beautiful lips, was too deadly a combo to not be swept under. He stopped in his tracks, turned towards her, placed one hand on her cheek and kissed her. She was obviously taken aback. Even if she was, she didn’t let it show. She regained her composure and kissed him back. Passionately. The fire in him was too much to handle.

“Take me inside that phone booth. Right now.” she said. That was just what he wanted to hear. They ran the rest of the distance to the phone booth, holding hands. He pulled the door, checked inside, just in case, and held it open for her. Once he was inside, he closed the door behind him. He looked out through the glass. It was past midnight, and the neighborhood was the most peaceful part in town. Nobody was going to know of what was about to happen next inside the phone booth.

Maybe the same exact thoughts were running through her mind too, because she began to giggle. They were a little out of breath from the 20 feet distance of running in anticipation and excitement. They kissed, and kissed again. She looked even prettier in the dimly lit light of the phone booth. And delicate. He just wanted to hold her close. Forever. He decided to take it slowly. He kissed her forehead, and as he did so, he could feel her breath against his neck. She closed her eyes. He pushed her hair aside and behind her shoulder, and kissed her neck, brushing his lips along. She had goose bumps along her neck, he assumed it was from the excitement of the moment, and hoping it was not the chill instead. He hugged her tighter anyway. Her breasts pushed against his chest. Both her hands were on his back as she tugged at his shirt.

He took her hands in his and kissed her palms. Then he held her face and kissed her again. On the forehead, then her cheeks, and then on the chin. By now his organ was harder than ever and tugging at his pants. He slipped one hand under her top and gently squeezed her breast. She unbuttoned his shirt, while he took her top off and unhooked her bra. It slid down to her waist. “Push me against the wall and kiss the hell out of me!” she whispered in her ear. And then, in a moment of great passion, they kissed, and he lifted her off the ground, into her arms and pinned her against the wall of the phone booth. She gasped for breath.

He kissed her arms and shoulders as he held her by his arm below her, his other arm around her head. She caressed his bare back. Her hands were sweating but it hardly mattered anymore. As he adjusted her to the right height against the wall, he gently stroked her hips and thighs. She shuddered, and gasped for more breath. He let her slide down, only to allow them to take off each other’s pants and everything underneath. Now they both were bare naked. The place was cramped and on fire, their bodies close to each other.

He cupped her breasts, and bent down to kiss them. He nibbled at the nipples, and licked them slowly. The rough of his tongue against the tip of her nipples sent her on a new high. She pulled at his hair as she moaned with pleasure. His other hand found her bottom, and he gently squeezed it. She let out another moan. She slipped her hand down his waist, slowly to where his organ stood up, enlarged and ready, and she stroked it. That was the limit for him. He couldn’t take it any further. He lifted her again, and as he pushed her against the wall, he entered her. She screamed with pleasure and pain. Her legs wrapped around his waist, and her hands behind his neck.

As they moved in sync, he kissed her breast again. Much intensely and impatiently this time. The harder he thrust in, the louder she screamed in pleasure. One of her hands pressed against the glass for support, while she held onto him with the other, her fingernails digging into the skin on his back. The pleasure and ecstasy was too much in the moment for any one person to handle alone. They climaxed together, as she screamed out his name one last time. It had got quite hot in the box, their bare sweating bodies pressed against each other, breathing heavily. There was a sudden calm after the storm.

He slowly lowered her back to the floor, but held her close in her arms. He gently ran his fingers through her hair, she looked so beautiful and content, and knowing that he was the reason behind the contentment made his day, and he could keep looking at her forever. She rested her head on his chest and gently planted a kiss on the part of the chest where his heart would be. As her breathing slowly returned to normal, she closed her eyes. The dream had begun.

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