Sun: Leo
Moon: Aries / Pisces (depending on Western or Vedic Astrological calculations)
Rising: Virgo

The general thumb rule with astrology, the way I understand it, is:

  • Sun sign is the core of your ego, the basis of your “you-ness”;
  • Moon sign is essentially “you, but drunk” — which is to say, it’s your darker, emotional inner self that you don’t necessarily reveal to others. If you’re especially sensitive, you may connect more with the characteristics of your Moon sign than your Sun;
  • Ascending or Rising sign is the “you” you consciously present to the world — the lens through which you view interactions. Although it may not seem necessarily as important as Sun and Moon, what you are willing to reveal says a lot about you.

The Sun sign depends on the month of birth (considering there are 12 of them, the position of the Earth with respect to the Sun), the Moon sign depends on the day of the month (roughly, the 28 day lunar cycle, the position of the Moon with respect to the Earth), and the Ascending/Rising sign on the time and place of birth (the dominant zodiac in the sky at the time, the 12 constellations go around over 24 hours, roughly 2 hours per constellation).

I broke it down to the simplest. ‘Tis all math, kids.

Lauren says,“I think most predictions are too simplistic and cover too many people, but I’m still interested in it all.”

Correct. That is where astrology can go both ways. The database is thousands of years of observation by philosophers, of the night sky and its effects on people, so there is knowledge, but the variable is the person who interprets that knowledge. For example, one can tell that they are a Capricorn by reading a chart, but what does being Capricorn mean to them is the interpretation. If they get it right, they believe astrology is wow, if they do not they are going to discard it as BS.

In Indian/Vedic Astrology, we focus more on the Moon sign and the birth star, for match making or future telling (Pisces and RevatiZeta Piscium for me).

So, what does my being an ascendant Virgo mean?

People with Ascendant Virgo have a talent for observation. They precisely perceive if there is a disruption in their environment – when something goes to pieces or slips out of balance – they want to improve those unfortunate circumstances based on the fact that there is critically important to rectify the sources of conflict and unrest.

In addition to that, a Virgo confronts any problems with a strong ability of pragmatism, interest, and flexibility. They can find out solutions in complex and complicated situations by level headed, analytical and structured thinking. They are an orderly individual. Their particular strength is their good sense, good organization and unique sense of reality without losing control. They avoid chaos and going on a collision course and work with outstanding diplomatic skill. They have the ability to accept and adopt compromises. It is their particular strength in maintaining a respectful relationship.

(Source: Astrosofa)

Intellectual, studious, sophisticated, appreciative, observant, timid, adaptable, modest, orderly, reliable, assiduous and diligent

Petty-minded, pedantic, egoistic, diplomatic, scheming, discontented, undetermined, servile, stark and objective

Celtic Tree


Strengths: Sensitivity, Perception, Imagination
Weaknesses: Moodiness, Whims

Willow people have a complex nature. On the one hand, they are very sensitive, responsive and perceptive. On the other hand, they are always restless, unsatisfied and moody. Willow people have a lot of imagination, sometimes they like to daydream and they are able to understand exactly how other people feel. They are very good psychologists and they can use this ability for their advantage. It is not a good idea to get into conflict with them because they fight persistently and they will use every weakness of their opponents. Only the threat of physical force will stop them because that is what they are afraid of.

People born under the rule of Willow can enjoy life to the fullest; they know exactly what they need in their life and where to find it. They are able to manipulate others to help them pursue their goals, while they often do not even realise they have been manipulated. From time to time these people become restless without reason and this restlessness forces them to change jobs, frequently move from one place to another and to make various other changes in their lives. Melancholic and introvert Willow people often do not feel appreciated and understood. Living with Willow people is not easy because they have many whims and high demands on other people.

In their love life they experience lot of bitterness, which surprisingly disappears when they get married. Despite their instability, they are very honest and principled under any circumstances. They literally shock others with courageous and honest acts that do not benefit them. Their adaptability and tolerance allows them to eat at one table with beggars or kings without having to pretend anything.

Willow people usually live a long life and they become respected elders. When they get old, the settle down and because of their rich life full of changes they become a rich source of inspiration for other people.

(Source: Astroseek)

“Despite their instability…”

Basically, mine says I am a persistent and manipulative son of a bitch but I will be respected in my old age and be an inspiration to others.

What am I, Albus Dumbledore?

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