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Day 10636
Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Today is the German Reunification Day. Today is the day Germany did what India, Pakistan and Bangladesh couldn’t.

Krys says: “I think it’s a sad loss of culture. Did you see all the graffiti on the wall? We will never get that graffiti back. It’s lost forever.”




Cricket, World Cup Qualifiers, Asia East:
Match 1: 🇲🇾 Malaysia beat Bhutan 🇧🇹
Match 2: 🇹🇭 Thailand beat China 🇨🇳
Match 3: 🇳🇵 Nepal beat Myanmar 🇲🇲

🇵🇰 Pakistan beat Bangladesh 🇧🇩
🇿🇦 South Africa beat Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

The death toll in the recent earthquake/tsunami in Indonesia has risen to almost 1,400, with hundreds of people unaccounted for. That does not sound good. It does not sound good at all. (Source: The Guardian)

Fries, salad, banana and apple for dinner. I’m still not on board the Fantastic Beasts franchise. I don’t think I understood the first movie. As for Cursed Child, here‘s how I feel about it. Those tweets are still funny now.





Classic 2000s AR Rahman. It’s catchy. Nobody cares about the lyrics.

Val says, “It had guns and an air shovel, who cares about words?”

Day 10637
Thursday, 4 October 2018

Cricket, World Cup Qualifiers, Asia East:
Match 4: 🇧🇹 Bhutan beat China 🇨🇳
Match 6: 🇸🇬 Singapore beat Myanmar 🇲🇲

Cricket, 🇮🇳 India vs West Indies, End of Day 1:
India (1st inning) 354/4
India lead by 354 runs

Chicken and rice for dinner. I attended the first lecture of Advanced Finite Element Methods (AFEM) in the morning, and spoke to the professor afterward. He says I can study on my own, as long as I keep up with what is going on in class, and in the lab. That means I can register for morning German classes. I did just that. I have not paid yet.

I went to the Euroshop and bought a wallet for myself. The tin cigarette box was a fail. The cards make too much noise inside. The wallet will have to do for now. Then went to Netto for groceries. I also went to the McDonald’s at the Hauptbahnof to see if they have a job for me. The guy at the counter asked me to come back in a month. Probably will have to look elsewhere.

Sunish moved in today. He will be staying with us for around 20 days, while Praneeth is back in India.

This sounds epic:



Tushar Lal and the Indian Jam Project is doing a great job!

Day 10638
Friday, 5 October 2018

Christmas is flashy and extravagant in most of Europe, Australia, and the Americas, somewhat like Diwali back home. It’d be so much nicer if Christmas did not come in the winter, oh well.

Gini says, “The early sapiens used the power of fiction to their benefit.”

That is deep. That is how religion was invented, wasn’t it?

Windows arrived in 1995, Google and Amazon in 1998, the age of smartphones came in 2008… Life was simple before them, but technology made life simpler. Maybe we changed the way we define ‘simple‘ along the way.

Albert Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

We made it simpler. And now we are doomed. I’m just kidding. I began to sound like one of those boring uncles from the previous generation who always whines and complains about new age stuff.

India liked Hitler (of course before his crimes were revealed. News spread slowly back then) because enemy’s enemy is a friend, right? Most even thought of him as a hero, the saviour who would rescue us from the British, and prayed that he did. All that Swastika and Aryan references did work wonders to widen his fan base in south Asia. Until people realised he was a fraud. Hitler just picked random words from Sanskrit. There was no way he understood the significance of the Swastika. He never even visited India. BUT, did you know who was the bigger villain for us? Winston Churchill and them Brits. (Read: YourStory)

It doesn’t matter if one is an introvert or an extrovert, it’s just that you (an extrovert) would have a lesser chance (improbable, not impossible) of getting to know me (an introvert) in real life (not the internet), unless you (the extrovert) make the effort, because I (the introvert) cannot or will not. That is the only difference, I think. Everyone who crosses our path does impact us in some way. We are the cumulative sum of the influence that the people we meet during our lifetime have on us. A random stranger is yet to have his/her big impact on me. I can wait. I know life will make it happen.

I have read a total of one story on Inkitt, which was written by a friend (“Yes, you Krystal Johnson, if you are reading this.“), and she sent me the link. She is an aspiring author. I have no recollection of the plot of my book. I think it was about three boys in a boarding school, who form a music band and name it ‘The Psychic Wonders‘ (hence the title). They have a falling out somewhere in the middle, but everything goes well in the end. I am a good writer, but clearly not a creative one.

M. S. Subbalakshmi was a great classical singer. To put it further in perspective, she is one of the 45 awardees of India’s highest civilian honour in history, the Bharat Ratna, and the first of two female artistes to receive the award, the other being Lata Mangeshkar. Her Bhaja Govindam is one of my favourite songs.

Mensa for lunch. Chicken again (also a cucumber, a carrot, a banana, an apple, mango-flavoured yoghurt and bacon chips) for dinner. I also watched Anna. That was one creepy ass movie. It is more a thriller than horror. No ghosts, just this creepy ass teenager.

IMDb: “A man with the ability to enter people’s memories takes on the case of a brilliant, troubled sixteen-year-old girl to determine whether she is a sociopath or a victim of trauma.”

India isn’t a better country compared to Germany, but we’ll get there. Personally, ISRO is breaking new ground, and I badly want to be a part of new, exciting things.

🇿🇦 South Africa beat West Indies
🇵🇰 Pakistan beat Bangladesh 🇧🇩
🇦🇺 Australia beat New Zealand 🇳🇿

Cricket, 🇮🇳 India vs West Indies, End of Day 2:
India (1st inning) 649/9 declared
West Indies (1st inning) 94/6
West Indies trail by 555 runs

Day 10639
Saturday, 6 October 2018

I went to the Waschsalon in the morning, made pulao and fried eggs for lunch. I am going to fry mackerel for dinner.

Cricket, World Cup Qualifiers, Asia East:
Match 7: 🇳🇵 Nepal beat Malaysia 🇲🇾
Match 8: 🇸🇬 Singapore beat China 🇨🇳
Match 9: 🇹🇭 Thailand beat Bhutan 🇧🇹

Cricket, 🇮🇳 India vs West Indies:
India (1st inning) 649/9 declared
West Indies (1st inning) 181 all out
West Indies (2nd inning) 196 all out
India win by an inning and 272 runs

This is India’s biggest win ever, and 12th largest margin of victory in history. They beat their own record from four months ago, against Afghanistan.

Cricket, Vijay Hazare Trophy:
Karnataka beat Himachal Pradesh

🇵🇰 Pakistan beat Bangladesh 🇧🇩
🇿🇦 South Africa beat Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

🇮🇳 India beat Malaysia 🇲🇾, 2-1


Alemannia Aachen beat Lippstadt, 1-0

Day 10640
Sunday, 7 October 2018

I seldom show my anger with wild displays of rage, but I have another rather negative reaction to anger, or when I get upset with something/someone. I start to self-sabotage and go into a shell, somewhat like throwing a silent tantrum. I know it sounds funny but it isn’t. It can be very destructive, sometimes even more than simply venting.

I miss having roots. For example, when somebody asks me where I am from, I have no clue what to say. Should I say Bangalore because I lived there 11 years of my life? Or Mangalore because we have an apartment and I spent my early childhood there? Or Yellapur because I was born there? I cannot name the places my parents are from because I have had no connection with those places whatsoever. I end up saying whatever place comes to my mind first. I have not read Maximum City by Suketu Mehta, but I have had it on my reader for years now. I had downloaded it when I first moved to Mumbai in 2012, but I never got around to reading it. It sounds very interesting, and very relatable, especially the part about being in one city but dreaming of another.

I am single with no kids, and I don’t think I have ever fallen in love. Hopefully I can be more social in the coming months, meet people, make friends, date, and whatever.

The best picture I have clicked in the past year is:


What makes it interesting is it was completely unintentional. I wanted to take a picture of the building on my phone as I walked past it, but the angle, the tree, the bird… Everything just made it so pretty!

I don’t really make travel plans in advance. They just kind of happen when they do. I like to pack in as much as possible in my itinerary. There’s so much to see, and I can’t visit the same place again, because I’ll be travelling someplace else. I enjoy the travel time more, and I can take in a place pretty quickly. I don’t see the point of hanging around all day. But that’s just me. I research places before I leave, I know where to go, I pack light, I eat the same food so I metabolise normally, I get up early and go to bed early. That’s what I did on my north east trip last month. I covered 4 states in 7 days, and I saw pretty much everything that is accessible to tourists. I missed Kaziranga but that was due to monsoon flooding, and not in my control. My trips are usually very hectic with little or no time for relaxation, shopping, chilling out, etc. But that is a price I pay for wanting to see everything there is to see.

There is so much of my own country I have not seen yet. I am also lucky I had parents who shared my enthusiasm for exploring, we travelled a lot, because I doubt many people my age can claim to have explored so much of the country already. I am still mad at them for being to certain places before I was born (“How dare they?“), but that is okay, I’ll go there eventually.  I did some single travel of my own in my 20s. In fact, I am the first one in the family to travel abroad. I want my parents to be here when I get my degree. I hope I can make that happen. My mum does not even have a passport right now. She did not officially change her last name after marriage so her IDs are mixed up, and there is a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy to go through before she can get one, and then there’s the visa.

I do want to travel to Leuven and Munich some time, to meet Michelle and Apolline. Where do you want to travel in the near future?

My favourite Harry Potter character is Albus Dumbledore, of course. I started reading Harry Potter when the Goblet of Fire came out in 2001. I was in 7th standard then. It has been a good journey. So, consider me a Harry Potter geek. As for Severus and Draco, I think both are excellent characters, like all of J K Rowling’s characters. I don’t particularly like either of them because they were psychologically weak-willed. Severus kind of redeemed himself toward the end, so did Draco, in a way. I can relate with them, which is why I don’t like them. Does that make sense?


Remember this? The video had gone viral about four years ago.

Mia says, “Your personality is the average of 5 people you spend the most time with.”

But only 5? Interesting. Perhaps 5 can be a good count because impact is like a bell curve, I suppose. The closest have the most impact, and the ones on the periphery of our social circle play less significant roles in our life. Hmm, let me see… My parents, obviously. Mostly my mum, she’s the person I have spent the most time with, until now. My mum has been a real driving force in my life. She seems a little country and timid on the outside but I know she is extremely strong-willed and a role model for me. I couldn’t have made it here without her, not that I have made anywhere just yet. The others are bits and pieces, I see faces of teachers and friends flash before my eyes, but I couldn’t pick 3 or 4 names, or even begin to rate them for impact on my character. Wow, introspection is hard.

Back in 2014, I joined this website called It is a MOOC website simulating Hogwarts courses. You get to pick your Hogwarts House, take lessons, earn points, etc. There’s also the social aspect. There used to be dorms, common room chats exclusive for House members and a Great Hall chat for the whole “school”. I chose to be a Ravenclaw and was picked as the dorm leader. Now, dorm leaders get to recruit dorm mates, have a name for the dorm, etc. I named my dorm ‘The League of 42‘ (“I have a weird obsession with numbers, don’t ask.“) and in due course, my dorm had 41 wonderful Ravenclaws (not counting me). I eventually made a Facebook group when the site’s hype died down (it still exists, and I do go on there occasionally), and became really close friends with each one of them. Now, here’s the most interesting part. We are all practically strangers to each other, never having met in real life (probably never will), yet we continue to share so much in our chats, perhaps because there is no fear of being judged. I consider myself fortunate that I made the decision to sign up on the website, for I found 41 amazing strangers from all over the world (literally all continents except Antarctica) who I can call friends. What achievement are you proud of but most people would consider it silly or weird?

The pace at which we are moving ahead is amazing. Interestingly, I find myself unable to imagine the future. There will be war and intolerance, of course. There was war and intolerance throughout the course of human history. There is no reason to believe that will change. We are social animals. We will continue to fight over territory, resources, mate,s and silly stuff, like wild animals do. So much for civilization, huh. Perhaps my scepticism of the future is because of the scary side of social media? It polarises opinion and we don’t even realise it. The way Facebook or Twitter feed algorithms function, when you ‘like’ something, it tends to show you more of those kind of posts. Most people don’t know that. They start to believe their opinion is the popular (also the correct) opinion which isn’t always true, and also isn’t always a good thing. In reality, they see what Facebook/Twitter has figured they like to see. Yeah, that bit is scary. I don’t know at this rate where that will lead humanity in the future.

I made fries for dinner, and ate it along with a banana, an apple, a carrot, a tomato, half a cucumber and an onion… Basically, a vegetable salad.

Cricket, World Cup Qualifiers, Asia East:
Match 10: 🇸🇬 Singapore beat Malaysia 🇲🇾
Match 11: 🇲🇲 Myanmar beat China 🇨🇳
Match 12: 🇳🇵 Nepal beat Thailand 🇹🇭

Cricket, 🇵🇰 Pakistan vs Australia 🇦🇺, End of Day 1:
Pakistan (1st inning) 255/3
Pakistan lead by 255 runs

🇿🇦 South Africa beat West Indies

🇮🇳 India beat New Zealand 🇳🇿, 7-1
🇮🇳 India beat Bangladesh 🇧🇩, 10-0
🇮🇳 India beat Austria 🇦🇹, 4-2

Football, Indian Super League:

Bengaluru drew Jamshedpur, 2-2

Cristina says, “Just plan the necessary things. School. Work. German.”

Continue to Day 10641.


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