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Day 10626
Sunday, 23 September 2018

The Canada-USA game ended in a tie, and there was a Super Over! Canada won by 2 runs. Two.

Some ISRO pride for the day.

For those who are reading this, check out this mobile app called Slowly. It is a letter writing app. The catch is if your message is directed at someone in Australia, and you live in Europe, it will take approximately the time an actual letter would take to travel, hence the name “Slowly”. It is a lot of waiting around in anticipation, because it could take a week or more before you hear from them again. I have been having a good time with it, so far. I have sent out 41 letters, and received 1 so far. That makes it… yes, 42 friends. Ta-da!

Canada leads the qualifiers table. USA is second. But there are two spots, so it shouldn’t matter. They both are going to qualify. Also, India beat Pakistan. Again.

eBay and Google Translate is how we bought most of our stuff in Germany a year ago. I didn’t have a bed and mattress to sleep on the day I arrived. But this city (Aachen) rose to the occasion. A bunch of strangers sold/gave away a bed, mattress, cupboard, table, chairs, stove, garbage bins, drawer cabinets, utensils, cutlery, water heater, toaster, thermos flask… It was amazing.

Day 10627
Monday, 24 September 2018

Guess who finally decided to enroll at a German language tuition? I should have done it a year ago, but that is okay. It is going to be expensive, but I shall manage. Perhaps learning German will open a lot of part time jobs for me, so I can make up for the expenses. Every damn job requires German proficiency, what is this Germany or something?

I also went to Kerkrade (Netherlands) today, and bought woolen gloves to keep my hands warm during the coming months. Anything to survive the winter.

I just had an epiphany. Salgira means year down in Hindi/Urdu. If that’s not fucked up, what is? Next time you wish somebody ‘salgira mubarak‘, you are literally congratulating them for being a year closer to death.

Day 10628
Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Luka Modrić won the World Player of the Year award! Interestingly, the last time anybody other than Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo won the Player of the Year award was Kaká in 2007, who was my favourite player back in high school. Isn’t that awesome?!

If my life were made into a TV show, what would the intro song be? Typically, I would answer that a show about me would probably be a comedy sitcom, because most of my life is so laughable. I’d go with some sort of theme like Seinfeld– a sad sort of tune with no lyrics. But, having said that, I would pick:

Those lyrics, and that beat drop around a minute and half into the song… it just gets me every single time.

Kelly says: “Start with the tiniest of things and work your way from there.”

Sadma was a beautiful movie with brilliant acting from both the lead actors. Most of the younger generation wouldn’t even have heard of the movie.

I have decided to engage more often with you, my reader (please feel free to use the comments section), so here goes:

  1. I moved to Germany for my higher studies, and have been here since. Prior to this, I lived in Yellapur, Mangalore, Kozhikode, New Delhi, Bangalore, Lucknow, Hubli, Mumbai and Hassan. Which cities have you lived in?
  2. My sweetest memory has to be each of those times I felt proud of myself for achieving something, and making my parents proud. My worst nightmare would be failing at something that is expected of me. What is your sweetest memory and worst nightmare?
  3. My typical day is… I can’t answer that. I am yet to finish my PhD, and there is no typical day for a university student. What is your typical day like?

That is enough Q&A for now.

Day 10629
Wednesday, 26 September 2018


See that? After 7 years, 140 posts, 99,900 words, and 1,517 views, someone finally ‘liked’ one of my blog posts! Ironically, it is one of my most mundane daily blogs. Yet it felt so good. So happy. Thank you, Dimitrios Fanourios Pischinas of Greece. You are the best! Here is a link to his blog, if you want to go check him out.

The thermal wear and mobile holder/arm band I ordered on Amazon arrived today. I love it. Now what remains to be seen is when I actually decide to go running.

Karnataka lost to Baroda in the Vijay Hazare Trophy. Yeah, Karnataka is not going to win the Cup this season. There’s no way they are qualifying to the next round with 4 games to go. Meanwhile in the Asia Cup, Afghanistan managed to pull off a tie against India yesterday. Kudos to them!

Cricket, World Cup Qualifiers, Americas A:
Match 11: 🇺🇸 United States of America beat Belize 🇧🇿
Match 12: 🇨🇦 Canada beat Panama 🇵🇦
Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Canada, and USA will play the Americas Regional Finals in 2019. Next up is the World Cup Qualifiers for Asia East, starting in October.

Cricket, Asia Cup:
🇧🇩 Bangladesh beat Pakistan 🇵🇰
India and Bangladesh will play the Asia Cup final on Friday.

Alemannia Aachen beat TV Herkenrath, 5-1

I would fancy invisibility for a superpower. I’m rather good at it already. But I wish I were invisible every time I have to talk in front of a bunch of people, haha. What about you? Which superpower would you choose?

If I had a movie based on my life, which actor would play me? What would be the title of the movie? I think Rajkummar Rao would probably be a good fit, not because it is an intense role, but I would love to see him play a simple goofy character. The title of the movie could be ‘Toh Kya? Main Nachu?‘, haha I don’t know.

I am an aerospace engineer. I live in Aachen. My interests are sports (mostly cricket), movies and… maybe a bit of reading. I like listening to a certain kind of Indian movie songs (I can’t describe them), and maybe the occasional pop/rock. What are your interests in music, and in general?

Day 10630
Thursday, 27 September 2018


I have kept it going for several years now. He never replies.

My parents are from that generation that grew up being taught Pakistan was an “enemy”, because propaganda media, politics and movies. They saw 3 wars with Pakistan and one with China in their youth, so I cannot really blame them. But, with positive media and the internet, and improving relations in general, there has been a shift in public opinion, and I like that.

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  1. Hi Novi. Even the most mundane things are interesting to someone. My suggestion about winter activities: does your uni have any student clubs that you could join? That might be a very extroverted way of thinking about it, but there are clubs for everyone. I reckon you’d find something. I’d have liked your post but WordPress is being weird about me logging in right now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I’m sure there are student clubs, I just haven’t come across any that piqued my interest. I considered joining a badminton club, but between the German intensive course and preparing for 6 exams, I don’t know where that’d fit in. But thank you for the suggestion, Clare. I will definitely try and give it a shot!

      Liked by 1 person

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