Continued from Day 10600

Day 10601
Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Virat Kohli feels 100-ball format will impact quality of cricket. I am glad I’m not the only one against further shortening an already shortened format of cricket.

Neeta is the daughter of Leena Bhat, who is the daughter of Dr. R P Shenoy. How frikkin’ cool is that! Padma Shri Dr. R P Shenoy is an alumni of my school in Mangalore.

Neeta and I chatted until 4 am in the morning. Now my eyes hurt. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not as young anymore. I can’t pull those all-nighters that were so easy a few years ago.

I do seem to have a lot of online footprint, don’t I? Sometimes it worries me if it is a tad too much, more so the motivation to declutter soon.

Deafening silence is rare these days. One would have to move to the mountains to experience real silence. I do not crave it (prolonged silence would drive me insane) but I do like a lot of me-time. Silence or not, I prefer being left to myself at such times. When among a group of people too, I notice I often take breaks from the discussion and let my mind drift off on a tangent. I enjoy those times.

Day 10602
Thursday, 30 August 2018

If I was given all the time and luxury in the world, I would do nothing, obviously, for the first two days. Then I’d be bored, and seek to do the stuff that I enjoy doing the most. I think that is pretty much any normal/average person would do too. But will I ever hate it? I don’t think so. Why would I? What do you think?

The Indian men’s team lost the hockey semifinal against Malaysia. No gold or silver this time. Sad. India will now play Pakistan for the bronze medal on Saturday. The women’s team will play for gold against Japan in tomorrow’s final.

India are placed 8th at the Asian Games after Day 12.

England vs India, 4th Test, End of Day 1:
England (1st inning) 246 all out
India (1st inning) 19 for 0
India trail by 227 runs with 10 wickets remaining

Day 10603
Friday, 31 August 2018

My days at home are coming to an end. I don’t like this at all. Time goes by so fast! I will be leaving for the north east tour on Sunday.

Gary Kirsten replaces Daniel Vettori as the RCB Coach. This is great news! Gary Kirsten was the coach of the national team when India won the World Cup in 2011. Virat Kohli debuted at the international level under his charge. Maybe this change can finally win RCB the premier league title? Let us hope.

Day 10604
Saturday, 1 September 2018

Your belly button is just your old mouth.

My blog fell back to 55 average position, which means the 6th page in search results. I am getting impressions but no clicks. I don’t want to resort to click-bait titles to gain clicks. I want to keep it authentic. Maybe if I keep writing, it will grow. I only just started a month ago. Speaking of click-bait, here’s the only video on my YouTube channel. While you are here, might as well watch it:

The video is 15 years old. It was the day we got a web cam for the first time. That’s my dad, we were just fooling around.

My flight is at 0650 tomorrow. I need to wake up at 0300 and leave for airport at 0430. Just one tiny problem: it is already 0030.

Bruce Wayne didn’t become Batman until he was 30.

SMS lingo was limited to the SMS generation, wasn’t it? The limitations of keypad phones and text messages limited by 160 characters. Nobody really types like that anymore, do they? Except maybe on Twitter, because they still hold on to the 160 character concept. These days there are smartphones and predictive texting. I don’t see many people typing lyk dis lol k thnx anymore.

Unbelievable how technology advanced so much so fast, in the last 7 or 8 years. The world is literally at our fingertips now. I remember using full sentences even when there were keypad phones. My friends used to find it amusing. Most often, if I do things a certain way, I generally stick to it. Besides, those phones also had a feature similar to predictive typing, right? I wouldn’t want to go back to them, but I have remained loyal to the brand Nokia. Every cell phone I have used till now has been a Nokia, including my current one. I also may have given in to short typing just to “be cool” for a very brief time in my past, mostly in Facebook comments. It is so embarrassing when it appears in my On This Day memories now.

Whatsapp came in 2010, but very few in my class had phones that could access internet. In my final year, my dad gifted me a Nokia E63 (for earning distinction), one of those qwerty keypad phones. That was my first smartphone, and the first time I used Whatsapp. Back then, the app was rather primitive. No group chats also. It was just popular as an app that “could send smses for free over the internet”. By the end of the year, they added group chats. I took another two years to try out touchscreen, because I was apprehensive of their quality. “No buttons?! What if the screen cracks or stops responding?” I eventually succumbed and bought my first touchscreen phone in 2013. Nokia Lumia 620, the one that ran on Windows OS. I finally switched to Android last year, haha, again because Nokia started offering Android smartphones. What about your experience?

Whatsapp has been completely taken over by the generation before ours, only to send nonsensical picture, video and text forwards. We already did that with SMSes, so our generation kind of outgrew it. It is their time now. I have somehow managed to stay away from all such Whatsapp groups, even the family one. No forwards for me. But I do use Whatsapp to call my parents and sister while in Germany, since it costs nothing but a WiFi connection. I am grateful to Whatsapp that I can talk to family any time I want, unlike occasional expensive ISD calls in the past.

Sturdy build quality is actually why I have remained loyal to Nokia, because they have the “built like a tank” reputation. Their new Android phones haven’t let me down too. I used Windows Phone OS from 2013-2016, but I never had any issues with it. It ran so smoothly on half the RAM (512 Mb) of a regular Android phone of that time, and the compatibility with Windows OS on desktop made life so much easier. Yeah, the limited app store and the lack of Google apps (maps, chrome, etc.) was an issue for many but not for me. I’m not a very “appy” person. My most used apps are messenger, email, whatsapp and maps. No songs and games and such.

I have been addicted in the past, but not just Facebook. The internet in general, and social media in particular (includes YouTube too!). Internet addiction sucks- it makes you not want to eat or sleep or do the things one is supposed to do, just remain in front of the computer all day. Overcoming internet addiction is a huge challenge for me.

Fun Fact: I found out that the character limit is 5000 for messages and 63,206 for status updates on Facebook.

It is a pity that we have a misplaced concept of personal space, privacy and consent in our modern culture, and I don’t mean just strangers. Family and relatives are included too. Until we change something, nothing will change. I am not a perfect gentleman either, I must confess. I have my flaws, which I continuously address and work on. I may have said or done things in the past I wouldn’t be proud of if I were to look back today. But that’s life, I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t made those mistakes and learnt from them.

Cockroaches are both my boggart as well as my enemy. They creep me out but I also hate them so much that if I see one I will not rest until I kill it, haha.

Day 10605
Sunday, 2 September 2018

Day 1 of the trip. I am in the land of the great Indian rhinoceros!

1028 h: We landed safely at Guwahati…

1216 h: …and reached the hotel. We are staying at Hotel Rajmahal.

1451 h: After having lunch, we headed to the Umananda Temple, which is on Peacock Island, the smallest inhabited riverine island in the world. Technically, at least one person living on an island at any given time makes it inhabited. So, it isn’t that wow of a record, but still.

1719 h: From there, we proceeded to the Basistha Temple…

1836 h: …and Purva Thirupati Sri Balaji Temple by sundown. The temple looked really pretty under lights.

We ended the day by having dinner at Shantanu Mukherji uncle’s place.

Nobody likes having to change places and schools every two or three years, but I had no choice, so I learnt to adapt quickly. The best part is I have so many fun anecdotes for every occasion, from all the life experiences, because just like familiarity breeds contempt, unfamiliarity breeds awkwardness, and a comedy of errors, almost every time.

Continue to Day 10606.


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