Continued from Day 10595

Day 10596
Friday, 24 August 2018

0940 h: Temple visiting day today.

1100 h: Ankola! Also stopped at Hiregutti on the way. Both kuladeva temples done with. Now going to Kumuda pacchi’s house for lunch.

1434 h: Back in Kumta. Will be leaving for Kagal shortly.

2110 h: Wow. Today was even more eventful that yesterday, haha, even though there wasn’t much of driving involved. I cannot post the details here because it is personal, but boy, family is never short of drama, is it?


End of Day 3: 104 km

Day 10597
Saturday, 25 August 2018

1250 h: The thread changing ceremony took way too long. We are late. Didi has already arrived at Kumta. Leaving Kagal now.


I had no idea our Kagal home (the blue location dot) was at the edge of the coast!

1353 h: Kalbagh! Quick lunch and nap, and we will leave for Shri Subramanya Temple in Mugwa.

995f1caad6e15768c444c5fe08ad3c1d2017 h: Back home in Kalbagh. Today is Rakshabandhan day!

Wikipedia says: “Rakshabandhan is an Indian and Nepalese festival centred around the tying of a thread, bracelet or talisman on the wrist as a form of bond and ritual protection. The festive Hindu and Jain ritual is one principally between brothers and sisters, observed both before and after she gets married thereby marking her continued relationship with her natal home and brothers. The rituals associated with these rites, however, have spread beyond their traditional regions to much of India and have been transformed through technology and migration, the movies, social interaction, and promotion by politicized Hinduism, as well as as a occasion of national solidarity and state tradition.”

In simpler terms, on this day, one ties a thread (signifying a sacred bond) around the wrist of your sibling, as a form of ritual or a promise of protection and support. It is a festival for siblings. The sacred thread is called a rakhi.

Since I was visiting the native land, Didi came from Thiruvananthapuram, my dad’s sisters (my aunts) were there, Appi became Bhavaji‘s sister, and Bhavaji, i.e. 4 pairs of siblings celebrated rakshabandhan together.

I have to wake up at 0300 h, to take Didi and Bhavaji to the railway station. Also going home tomorrow.


End of Day 4: 73 km

Day 10598
Sunday, 26 August 2018

0430 h: On the way to the railway station to catch the 0505 h train.

0600 h: The train finally arrived, an hour late. Now, to take the long trip home. It’s still early. Can we make it to Chitradurga fort in time?

0853 h: Last fill of petrol for this trip. The mileage has been hovering around the 13.5-14 kmpl mark. Not bad.

1020 h: Tea in Davangere.

1110 h: Chitradurga Fort! The British called the fortress ‘totally impregnable’, and they considered themselves fortunate that they never had to fight for it. They defeated the native army elsewhere (Wikipedia page). There is another popular legend within the fortress- Onake Obavvana kindi (Wikipedia page). I spent 3 hours and still couldn’t explore the entire fortress. I got tired. It is spread over multiple hills.

1440 h: Lunch. Exhausted already. Still around 200 km to go. Can we make it in time for the basketball tournament finals?

1845 h: Home! Man, the traffic in Bangalore is horrible. Missed the basketball game. It starts at 1930 h, but no way we are going to make it in time to Malleswaram.

What a day. What a trip. What a car.
1,187 km in 5 days. Best road trip so far.

I think I bruised my knee trying to crawl out of the Onake Obavvana kindi. Now my leg below the left knee is swollen.


End of Day 5: 483 km

Day 10599
Monday, 27 August 2018

So tired! My entire body aches from yesterday’s rock exploring.

The dog in Kagal passed away today. I am glad I got to see him one final time. Now I know how it feels to lose a pet. The dog has been there every time I visited, for as long as I can remember (at least 10 years for sure). It’s like losing a dear friend. I would have felt worse had I been in Germany when I heard the news. (Also read: A Dog’s Life)

It is fascinating how animals end up touching our lives so, without actually saying a word.

Day 10600
Tuesday, 28 August 2018

India are in 8th place at the ongoing Asian Games, after Day 10. The men’s team lost the Kabaddi gold for the first time ever. That is what arrogance and complacency does. It brings failure. India has had a pretty awesome unbeaten run in hockey so far, both the men’s as well as the women’s teams. Let us hope they bring back the gold medal. So far, India has scored 114 goals in 9 games, and conceded just 4 goals, all 4 against South Korea.

I think I made a new friend today. Her name is Neeta. I met her on Damn, is she good or what. I stalked her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and her blog. I was careful to leave no trace but I think LinkedIn gave me away. Silly LinkedIn notifies the user when people visit profiles. I should have stayed away from LinkedIn.

Appy says: “Get to know her by talking, not by stalking.”

Internet stalking always gets me excited. It is like fact finding or research. Gives me a high. I know, it borders on creepy. But I have a very strict set of morals of my own that makes sure I do not mean or cause any harm to myself or anybody else. So, I guess I am good.

She’s smart. The Naveen is intrigued.

It is 2:42 am. I am still chatting with Neeta. So much for beginner’s enthusiasm.

MBTI isn’t as wholesome as I once thought it was. I believe it depends on the frame of mind one is in at the time of answering the questionnaire. You can only try your best to stay true to yourself. When I first took the test in 2013, I was INFP. Somewhere along, I turned INFJ and have stayed since. I once did a survey of my friends. I wanted to see if there’s a connection to our MBTI and that of our friends’. I got 235 people on my friend list to take the test. I found out 70% of them are I, 78% are N, 65% are F and 51% are J. Does that mean we tend to prefer surrounding ourselves with those who think and behave like us?

The way Facebook or Twitter feed algorithms function, when you ‘like’ something, it tends to show you more of those kind of posts. Most people don’t know that. They start to believe their opinion is the popular (also the correct) opinion which isn’t always true. In reality, they see what Facebook has figured they like to see. Does that make sense?

I don’t mind the data mining as long as they only use it for advertising. Ads do not bother me because I’m not influenced by them. If Google continues to stick to its “don’t be evil” motto, it is good for the whole world.

Songs! The things that I have done. I have never been much of a backup person but I remember my obsession with collecting MP3 songs when they were all the rage. Since none of us had internet at home, and CD burning drives were rare, we used 1.44 MB floppies to share songs with friends at school. Each song was nearly 5 or 6 MB. It took me two weeks and 5 floppies to borrow the songs of Swades from my classmate, haha. Those times! I stopped counting when my song collection reached 4,396 songs.

Harry Potter will always remain special to me, because I read them from 2002-2007 which was a crucial period of my “growing up”. I think The Goblet of Fire was a crucial part of the series. That’s when things started to get serious. Also, The Goblet of Fire was the first Harry Potter book I read back in 7th standard. It had just released in India and Harry Potter was still catching on.

The movie making (cinematography, music, etc.) got better over the series but the scriptwriting and editing was a disappointment only those who read the books before watching the movies will understand. No Peeves, no Charlie, no Bagman, the Elder wand confusion… If there’s a TV show, I hope they do justice to the books.

Cursed Child was a disappointment. I do not even count it as part of the series. Cursed Child was just poor fan fiction. I remember live tweeting about it when I first read it two weeks ago. Some of my reactions are hilarious, looking back.

Has my sense of humour ever failed me? Lots of times. In chats, especially, since they are more spontaneous than posts. The phrasing isn’t always perfect. Sometimes the humour does not translate well over text. It has led to misunderstanding in the past. I am quick to apologise, so that helps. I also learned to take liberty proportional to how well and long I have known a person. That is more important than aiming for perennial political correctness, which is very difficult to achieve.

Continue to Day 10601.


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