Novellus Batman: “I first met unji in the HiH GH chat a little over 4 years ago, before L42 existed. She was one of the first few internet friends I ever made. She was rather shy at first but very sweet, and fortunately, we got talking. I went back and read through our private conversations over the years, her posts and comments in this group, the selfies and videos, and I have tears as I type this… I’ll admit I’m going to miss unji bro (it used to be an inside joke that she was the dorm uncle and I was the dorm mummy, but anyway). I hope she knows how proud we all are of her, for the lives she touched and all she achieved in her unfairly short life. 

Claire McBride: “/* I’ll miss you, Onji! I’ll carry on as the old lady of the dorm.”

Holly Higgins: “Onji was one of my original chat mods. I never had to worry about her, and other than Nevi, she was a main factor of why I came to L42 in the first place. I’ll cherish her secret santa gift to me forever.”

Bronze Feather: “I lead her in Salvation prayer over two years ago. Unji and Kristy were the first two people I told about my pregnancy with Michael. We used to talk for hours and I’m so sad that we let those conversations fade.”

Rhiannon Fleetwood: “Amber and I used to be very close and I regret distancing myself from all my friends. Amber and I would have lots of conversations and she would be willing to lend an ear when I was going through hard times. I’ve been crying all yesterday and now this morning as I’ve woken up to this news of her passing. I’m going to miss her very much and I wish I could’ve talked to her one last time before this happened. I’ve been wrapped up in the throw rug she got me. Heaven gained an amazing new angel today.”

Cristina Trail: “We’ve been friends for 4 years now. She helped get me through some really bad patches. I was so proud of her when she announced she finished and was graduating. She worked really hard. Even through everything else she had going on.”

You were a beautiful person, the world knows that. But for the last four years, despite all that we saw you go through personally, we will remember you as the wonderful friend, always kind and encouraging, and a real fighter. If we are the cumulative sum of the influence that the people we meet during our lifetime have on us, then you are leaving behind 41 better human beings. You did well, unji bro. 

The only thing we regret is not knowing you for a longer time. Thank you for the memories, Amber Thomas. Rest in peace. 

-The League of 42

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