I have been trolled only twice by autocorrect, and the first one was pretty savage.


I mean, Sirius-ly, autocorrect? Do you really wanna go there?

The other time was when one of my friends asked me what my favourite movie was. I meant to say Dil Chahta Hai but autocorrect changed it to Dilution Chahta Hai. She laughed at me for 5 minutes straight. This was 2010 and I had a Nokia E63 running on the Symbian operating system.

I currently use a Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 620). I hate it on most days because those iPhones and Androids make mine seem inadequate. But the one (perhaps the only?) advantage that Windows has over Android and iOS is the extremely good word processor and text editing interface, one of the best there is.

The only mistakes I make are due to my own fat thumbs. But then, I have this knack of going over the top to fix my typing error, and end up making the situation even more awkward.


Yeah. Embarrassing enough.

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