If there were a fifth Hogwarts house, what would it stand for?

Boudwin HouseFor ghosts.

There used to be a joke doing the rounds on Hogwarts is Here a couple of years ago. It so happened that the test profiles were given the url /none. The name of the test profile was Jeff Boudwin and he was a Gryffindor. But a glitch in the code randomly allotted /none to unassuming new users who did not voluntarily choose a custom username at the time of signing up. Every time one of us clicked on their profile in the attempt to view it or send them a friend request, it would redirect us to Jeff Boudwin.


Now, the joke was that these unfortunate users, whose profiles were literally inaccessible, had been sorted into a secret 5th House at Hogwarts- the Boudwin House. The House that ghosts belonged to, the ones for whom the Sorting Hat would go right through.

But now that I think about it, it really does make sense. I’m not sure of the feasibility but for children who died too soon, and remained ghosts forever, before they could go to school, denying them an education would be injustice, considering ghosts do have a role and place in wizarding society.

Update (14 March 2016):


He found me.

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