The year was 2001.

I was 12. I had begun to notice that casually rubbing myself lying face down on a flat surface (bed/floor) while tweaking the tips of my man-nipples between my thumb and forefinger, used to “feel good”. Years later, I realised that act was actually called (prone) masturbation.

[awkward pause 1]

One day, I saw a sticky viscous fluid oozing out of down there. I was so shocked. I managed to run to the bathroom and quickly wash it off. Years later, I realised it was actually my first ever ejaculation.

[awkward pause 2]

The worst part was, however, going up to my mother and narrating the entire incident. I thought I must have acquired a serious disease, and my urine had turned thick and white. All credit to the smart woman who is my mother for playing along. I’m pretty sure she was laughing on the inside, but she went along with my “diagnosis” that my urine was “drying up”, and advised me to drink more water if I wanted to “be healthy again”.

I believed her, and drank 2-3 litres of water every day for the rest of the week.

15 years, high school biology, a sex-ed class, lots of experimentation and internet “research” later, my first puberty experience is just a distant memory, and in no way as embarrassing as some of the other experiences I have had since.

But still, that is my puberty story. 🙂

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