I read Harry Potter and went to IIT. Here’s my opinion:

  1. I am pretty sure there are no courses that teach magic at IITs.
  2. Hogwarts is just a school (middle/high). IIT is a technical school/university. Technically (see what I did there?), their parents could still send Parvati and/or Padma to IIT once they graduate from Hogwarts.
  3. But she has to clear IIT-JEE first. Now, this is the toughest technical entrance exam in the world for that age group (17-year-old) without an exaggeration. It is going to be no walk in the park. No, not even for Hermione Granger. They don’t learn anything remotely concerned with Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics over at Hogwarts- at least the kind that would be covered in the IIT-JEE syllabus. She would have to cover 4-5 years of Math and Science from scratch. Not impossible, but still, very unlikely.
  4. But before all that, why IIT? What if she didn’t want a career in engineering? Why not medical or fine arts or teaching or law or any other career in the world? Even if she did want to do engineering, Parvati (and/or Padma) would be better off picking any other college than be just another in the crowd of 20,88,000 aspirants who DON’T make it to IIT every year.

So far, what I covered are the ‘what ifs’, assuming Parvati (and/or Padma) did go to Hogwarts and successfully graduated. What if her parents refused to send her to Hogwarts and forced her to prepare for engineering entrance exams instead?

Now, this is a graver question than it seems at first. It highlights society’s deeper concern of parents deciding what is best for their children, often giving preference to their own perceptions of their children’s abilities over their wishes and dreams, sometimes even neglecting or brushing them aside altogether. Pushy parents who go to great lengths to make their children succeed in a particular career path, attempt to make up for their own failed dreams. (Read: Pushy parents ‘are chasing lost dreams’ trying to make their children succeed)

So, hypothetically, if Parvati Patil (and/or sister Padma) was indeed residing in India at the time of receiving the Hogwarts letter (which is highly debatable), it would depend on whether or not her parents were the kind who were likely to want their children to achieve the dreams that they themselves had not achieved, in which case, Parvati (and Padma) would never have made it to Hogwarts.

But she did. Hence, kudos to her parents for letting her be. 🙂

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