Why do we disobey traffic rules? This is a pretty serious question, actually, and it demands immediate attention. The centre of it all are our autorickshaw drivers.

Autorickshaw drivers disobey traffic rules all across India. I don’t think they do it on purpose. Their disdain or lack of respect for rules is either due to lack of education and awareness.

I suppose there needs to be more stringent tests and rules when allowing a new auto driver on the road (or when renewing a current driver’s licence), probably a kind of rating system (points gained for following rules, points docked for breaking them) could work too. It needs to be followed by a strict penalty system as well, like cancellation or suspension of license for 3 consecutive offences.


Autorickshaw drivers (even bus drivers, actually) should be taught the safety first’ attitude, like they follow in Japan. But I’m not sure how as far as the implementation is concerned. Complaining and offering suggestions in a blog isn’t going to help in any way, unfortunately.

That is all I have for today.

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