After a pretty dismal performance by India in ODIs in the 1996-97 season at home under the captaincy of Sachin Tendulkar, all the Indian players locked themselves up inside their homes, fearing mob trouble. (Remember the 1996 World Cup Semifinal?)

A week passed by and none of the players dared to leave their home. Then one day, Javagal Srinath‘s wife pestered him to go to the market to buy groceries.

“You have not left the house for so many days.”

“I can’t!”

“Shave off your mustache and wear one of my sarees.”

Srinath agrees. He shaves his mustache and steps out in women’s clothing into the busy market. He is nearly done shopping and nobody has recognised him yet. He mentally congratulates himself and appreciates his wife’s wonderful suggestion.

Just as he is about to collect the change from the shopkeeper, a short lady in a burkha walks up to him and whispers-

“How are you doing, Srini? I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Wait, how did you recognise me?!

“Don’t worry, I am Sachin Tendulkar.”

It was a popular joke during my childhood days, however silly it may sound now.

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