After reading the newspaper headline Another leopard spotted and trapped, this time near Tumakuru, my friend says-

“What do they mean ‘another leopard spotted’? Don’t they all come with spots?”

The year is 2012. I am texting back-and-forth with a friend. We are to attend a seminar at Saffron Bay, Chowpatty Seaface.

I ask her about how we are planning on getting there. Her text reads:

“LGBT. Get down at Charni Road.”

I’m like ‘WTF?‘, so I ask her to elaborate.

It turns out she had seen the words LGBT and Mumbai local used together in a sentence in a newspaper headline. She had assumed LGBT was texting lingo for…

Let’s GBTrain.

The year is 2008. First year of college.

There is a new movie out called ‘Rock On!‘, about a rock music band’s journey- friendship, band splits up, then reunites after 10 years, etc. The usual. So I ask my mother for money to go watch it at the theatre.

Ayee, I need some money.” (Ayee is ‘mother’ in Konkani)

“What for?”

Rock On! \m/”

“Here’s ₹20. Get some for your sister as well. She’ll be home anytime now.”


“Didn’t you say you are going out to buy raw corn?”


The year is 2004. 10th standard.

Serena Williams is going through a bad phase. She hasn’t won a single Grand Slam since Wimbledon 2003. Our Chemistry teacher is telling us how important it is to not give up and keep fighting, despite failures. Just like Serena.

A hand goes up. One of my nerdy classmates, who knows nothing about sports:

Sir, what is a Serena?

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