Why is Indian online social activity concentrated around Facebook and very less on Twitter? Twitter only gives you 140 characters to play with (for now). There is only so much we Indians can complain, blame, criticize, praise or show off in the two sentences that Twitter allows. (71% Indians use social media to get customer service response)

Facebook, on the other hand, has no character limit at all for its posts. Tell your friends all you want, and some more. Show them all those 161 selfies you took on that trip last weekend. Irrespective of whether they give a hoot or not. Just get it off your chest, man.

We Indians love to express ourselves freely, and a word limit is adverse to our habits. For us, Facebook is Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and WordPress put together. Why go places when I can get it all in one place? I am going to put all my sh*t in one place so if ever I need to get it together, all I have to do is deactivate my Facebook account.

Hence, “No Twitter, Go Facebook!”

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