Both Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar have proved to be street-smart cricketers time and again. They both have the ability to read the game and the opposition’s gameplan early and play accordingly. It would be unfair to both of them if we were to compare and pick between the two!


That being said, while a lot is usually covered on Dhoni’s skills because all eyes and cameras are on him when India is fielding (being the captain of the most followed cricket team in the world), very little is known of how the Little Master’s mind works.

This should maybe give you a glimpse of why he was considered a genius of the game, and respected by his fellow teammates. The following lines are taken from an article by Amrit Mathur, who is a former manager of the Indian cricket team:

“That Sachin is fanatically meticulous about his preparation became evident after a training session in South Africa ahead of the crucial World Cup game against Pakistan in 2003. The team had just finished practice at Centurion. We were walking up the 80-odd steps from the ground leading up to the dressing room.

Standard conversation on such occasions is about the match and the ground, and there is the usual speculation about the surface. Sachin noted the track looked good – the pitch hard, true, batsman friendly . But what caught my attention was what he said a little after… not about the pitch but the outfield.

Apparently he had walked round the ground and noticed that the outfield had a thick grass cover, and here is the interesting bit – the blades of grass around third man, he noticed, pointed away from the boundary, which meant they would slow the ball down. If the ball is played there, he said, there is a chance of an extra run because the ball will reach the fielder slowly.

I thought batting was about sorting out the bowler, the ball and the pitch. But the direction of blades of grass in the outfield! Phew.”

He is the Sherlock of cricket.

The Second Best Cricketer

Who is the second best cricketer in the world?

The second best cricketer is the one whose name comes up whenever you are justifying why someone else is the best cricketer. By that logic, whenever you think of Sachin Tendulkar, you think of Donald BradmanBrian Lara, Rahul Dravid or Sunil Gavaskar.

Also, whenever you think of Muttiah Muralitharan, you also think of Shane Warne or Anil Kumble.

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