Scene: IIT-JEE coaching class, circa 2005

Late nights, extra classes. practice tests, mock tests, entrance exams… How do we remember all these formulas, and more importantly recall them successfully when it is most needed?


Use a lot of mnemonics and repetition, and also have fun in the process. Something like this:main-qimg-f354cdc140aaeaec6ad27740471d5b32-c.jpg

Cut to 2016

Nearly 8 years in the field of Mechanical Engineering, people still wonder why there’s a hazy look in my eyes and a silly smile on my lips whenever I come across the formula for Hooke’s Law. (Hooke’s Law is basically the foundation on which Strength of Mechanics and my potential career is built upon)

This is just one example. Stuff like this got me through high school and grad school (engineering college), and if I am able to remember most of it even today, after all these years, it’s got to be effective, right?

P.S. This particular Hooke’s Law = Fly AWAY idea belongs to Roshan P. R., from our IIT-JEE coaching days together at BASE (Bangalore). I wonder if he still remembers this. Thank you, Roshan!


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