If you get an amazing idea, unintentionally, from someone talking about it, to whom does it belong? Honestly, it does not matter who came up with it first. Ideas are just dreams without execution. If you have an amazing idea, good for you!

Credit, however, is given to the person who implements the idea, gives it shape and turns it into reality. Nobody remembers the person who said it, we remember the one who did it.

Make your idea count.

There’s a poem in Hindi by RJ Vashishth Thakkar, called ‘toh kya hua?‘ (So what?). Let me try translating it to English for you:

“There’s only one question: So what?
The heart is broken, so what?
Somebody is out of your life, so what?
Maybe you’ll have to repeat another semester, so what?
Maybe your parents will reprimand you again, so what?
There is no money in your pocket, so what?
Nobody asked me how I am doing, so what?
If not today, somebody might care tomorrow.
If nobody cares tomorrow also, so what?
You are with yourself today, isn’t that enough?
Look around, you are having your moments of happiness too. Everything else is forgiven.
Sometimes life is as bitter as neem, yet sometimes it is as sweet as chocolate.
Just live out this moment right now, that is enough.
Always remember, life is worth it.”

Never let regrets of the past ruin your present, because your past does not define your future.

Your present does.

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