Do I possess any wit and humour? I ponder about that myself on most days. When I see people around me crack funny one-liners or come up with hilarious puns, I wonder why I couldn’t think of that first.

Actually, I can. So can you.

And the secret is to stop comparing yourself or competing with people you see as funnier than you. Don’t turn it into a competition. Everyone has got a unique sense of humour. Focus on finding yours.

Indulge yourself into group conversations and express yourself freely. Don’t get embarrassed when people laugh at you instead of laughing at your punch lines, every now and then. You will find your spark with patience, practice and experimentation.

Just remember to be yourself.

I remember reading about this incident in an article by Khushwant Singh.

During one of his visits to India as the President of USA, Bill Clinton landed in Mumbai, and in spite of an already hectic schedule, he was required to pay a visit to one of the top medical colleges in the city. There was a seminar being held the same day on the topic, Understanding Sex, Sexuality and Sexual Health. He was requested by a group of students to “say a few words”.

Though Mr. Clinton was in a tearing hurry to leave for Hyderabad, he agreed to address the elite gathering. He walked up the dais and gave one of the shortest and wittiest speeches in history:

“Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me immense pleasure.”

(I was too young when Mr. Clinton was President, so I have no way of verifying if this actually happened. But since the author of the article has sufficient credibility, I decided to go with it.) 🙂

I came across this on Facebook yesterday. I can’t tell if the person was being sarcastic and playing dumb on purpose, I’ll leave you to judge.


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