Tinder bios

You ever look at a picture, and see a stranger in the background? It makes you wonder how many strangers have pictures of you…


Tinder profiles

  1. God is on Tinder
  2. Godman is on Tinder
    Sathya Sai Baba is listed as Female, 32, and mutual interest is Mr. Bean!
  3. Promotional accounts

Is this really a dating app? Where are the women? :p

Update (3 February 2016):

“The acceptance of Tinder in India a step towards embedding shallow mindset into the society.”


But how does it mean embedding a shallow mindset into the society? Is using online technology to facilitate dating and mating not a sign of a progressive society? If our mindset is getting shallower, how deep was it before?

Moving beyond a “culture” where parents and extended family decide when, where, at what age and to whom you were married off to… is progress.

Moving beyond a “culture” where dating is looked down upon and the first time you properly interact with your partner is when they are already your spouse… is progress.

Before any sign of culture was even born, human, like all other animals, fought for and chose their own mate. Just because we have culture does no mean animals now love their partners or offspring any less. It just means humankind made things too complicated for their own good in the name of culture and society.

Every living being of legal adult age has the right to choose their partner to date, mate, marry and/or procreate, provided their is mutual consent from both parties. That should be the ONLY conditions apply. Family, culture, caste, religion, race, nationality, sex, gender no bar. Period.

Having said that, it got me thinking when I read it for the second time. The line specifically mentioned Tinder. Now, if online dating apps is what concerns you, then you may have a point there. For additional reading: The business of dating apps is disrupting Indian culture

I shall leave you to form your own opinion.

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