Cover_3The quirky and fun Ravenclaw Liaison, Novellus keeps us all entertained and is always there for students. His posts can both preach and provoke laughter and he is truly at the core of HiH. Active often, he is universally recognized as a sensible yet likable member of staff.


‘Novellus works really hard and tries to get everybody involved in HiH. He answers all your questions if you have any and is always friendly.’

‘He’s been here since the start and he’s always nice to the newbies. He made me feel at home when I joined.’

‘Novi is Always there for you when you need him. He motivates you, encourages you, listens when you need someone to talk to. He doesn’t judge you or make you feel stupid. He gives advice when asked and stays quiet otherwise. He’s understanding and wise beyond his years and he is the best Possible friend anyone could ever hope to have.’

The Faces of 2015 was an article that appeared in issue #3 of The Hogwarts Entertainment Magazine, honouring those students who were at the core of HiH for all or part of 2015. Twelve were chosen by students who voted using a form and this specialised article revealed those voted highest and presented some the comments left by voters, as well as small bios on the chosen.


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