It is hard to pick just one moment out of 4 years of awesomeness. But this one still makes me smile every time I look back and think of it.

Back story: During my 4 years at B. M. Sreenivasaiah College of Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, I was part of a group of four, equally popular among the students and staff as the perennial first-benchers. We hardly bunked a class (unless it was a mass bunk) and had the most fun inside the classroom. We weren’t the conventional definition of cool but we did hold our own in college. The other peculiar thing about us was that three of us were named Naveen and last one was Ganesh. People found it so amusing, they called us CoN-G (Consortium of Naveens & Ganesh). We even got a T-shirt with that nickname.


It happened during my 4th semester (2008-09). It was the first day of the semester. Our new Engineering Mathematics IV (06MAT41) lecturer walked in. I don’t remember her full name but her initials were MSG, so we had nicknamed her ‘Message‘. As is the custom, she began with introducing herself to us, and then she asked each of us to stand up and say our name. Starting from the front row.

This is what followed:

The entire class (around 50 students) burst out laughing. The lecturer had no idea what just happened. She went back to her desk and checked the attendance register to confirm. It soon dawned on her that she had just trolled herself without realizing it.

A part of me did feel sorry for the new lecturer. Yet, it remains one of our best unintentional troll moments at BMSCE. 🙂

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