Let us see… 71% of our planet is water (by volume). That is a lot, right?
96.5% of all water is in the oceans. Salty water is ew, not of much use.
99.7% of the remaining freshwater is frozen in glaciers and ice caps.

That leaves us with only 0.0105% of all water, to be shared by all humans, animals, birds and plants. Do you know how much that is in quantifiable terms? A cube with each side being 46.7 Km (29 miles) long. That is it. If those stats do not scare you, I’ll tell you in straight words, that water is not going to last us for long. What next? Do we have a plan?

Unless you are an aquatic being capable of living inside the ocean, please start using water judiciously. Also, please encourage the people around you to do so too. The sooner we come to terms with the seriousness of this crisis, the better.

Wikipedia, Water Distribution on Earth
Wait But Why, Putting All the World’s Water into a Big Cube

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