Today’s class was just a review before next week’s Final. We briefly went through all that we had covered over the past year. Professor Silvers told us that the Final is going to consist of two parts. I bet it is going to be a quiz AND an essay. I’m going to do the quiz part first. Somehow, I have grown to prefer quizzes over essays, here at Hogwarts. They are quicker, and although it requires a great deal of remembering the facts (I have my notes prepared too!), and the fact that they it might be times, at least they are not essays. I am allergic to essays. They take up a lot of my time! I took an entire day and a half to write the journal for Lesson 7! If the Final Essay is going to be timed, I am surely going to fail! Professor Silvers also tactfully “let slip” that there could be questions in the Final that have not been covered in Lesson 8. That was enough for me to read through all the previous 7 lessons all over again. I think I am ready now!


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