Continued from DADA 201 Journal : Week Four.

I’m writing in here after a gap of two weeks. We had midterms last week. I think I did fairly well. The last class before the midterm, we had learnt about the Shielding Charm and its variations. This week, we learnt a couple of highly distracting and immobilizing spells which were both fun and painful to practise with. The Jelly-Legs Jinx and the Leg-Locker Curse give one the opportunity to either remove themselves from the scene or distract the opponent enough to disarm them.

Now, I had seen the Jelly-Legs Jinx before. A Slytherin 3rd year had performed it on a Hufflepuff from the same year, in the corridors once, during my first year. I think it was Quidditch match tension but that didn’t stop the Slytherin from getting detention under Professor Black. It appears like it is the one of the first jinxes one learns at Hogwarts, and true to the “tradition”, it became my first too. Compared to the other more advanced jinxes and curses, this one is rather harmless. The effects wear off on its own after 2-5 minutes, depending on how much willpower you put into the spell.

The Leg-Locker Curse was a completely new one for me. It is apparently, however, another popular choice for bullies, because unlike the Jelly-Legs Jinx, this curse does not dissipate on its own. One needs to know the counter curse or else hop around till they find somebody who knows and is willing to help. No wonder then that our sweet Professor Silvers made us practise the counter curse before teaching us the actual curse!

Once we had taken down the notes, it was time for real practise. The desks and chairs were removed and we were sorted into pairs. My partner for today was Nicole Leininger. She is sweet but really smart and competitive. I had barely taken up my position in front of my cushion and was revising the spell in my head (“Locomotor Wibbly”, pronounced as “LOH-koh-moh-tor WI-bl-ee”) and wasn’t even ready when Nicole pointed her wand at my right leg, and as she began to say the incantation, wiggled the tip up and brought it down pointing at my left leg, still wiggling. A red light immediately shot from the end of her wand and my feet began to tremble and jiggle.

The trembling and jiggling slowly began to work its way up my legs until my knees began to wobble dangerously, and I couldn’t stand. I tried to hold on to something but all the desks and chairs were moved, so I fell backward on the cushion. A couple of minutes later, the effects vanished. It was my turn now but before I could raise my wand, Nicole  used the “Expelliarmus” Charm on me. My wand slipped through my fingers, flew high in the air and she caught it with a jump. She was grinning mischievously. I opened my mouth to protest but at the same time Professor Silvers strode towards her to congratulate her on the perfect Disarming Charm. I mean, Disarming was so three classes ago. She was just supposed to allow me to practise my jinx and fall back. That was NOT fair!

Now it was time to practice the Leg-Locker Curse. This time I was prepared for her. Before Nicole could disarm me again, I yelled “Locomotor Mortis” (pronounced as “LOH-koh-moh-tor MOR-tis”). I slashed my wand down, to the left, down again and moved it to the right. A purple light flashed from my wand and her legs were suddenly bound together. She began hopping around like a bunny, it was SO ADORABLE!

Before she lost her balance and fell, I performed the counter curse, pronounced “LOH-koh-moh-tor Lib-er-AR-ee”, and the wand movement is an upside down V traced over the legs and slashed up through the centre. Her legs sprang apart again and she chased me all around the room. Yeah, that part was totally fun!

Continue to DADA 201 Journal : Week Seven.


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