Continued from DADA 201 Journal : Week Three.

I have been practising all the mental training exercises Professor Silvers taught us last week. I think my ability to focus, concentrate and remain calm under pressure has substantially increased over the past week, and I am pleased with my progress! I also cornered Marcius in the common room last Sunday and challenged him to a disarming duel. This time, however, I won. Because I was ready. Because I have been practising so hard every evening.

Today’s lesson was all about dueling in the dark. Professor Silvers gave us a few tips before we were sorted into pairs again. My partner for today’s lesson was Rhi Fleetwood, that blonde kid from Ozzieland. “I’m gonna take you out mate, ahahah!” she said. I raised an eyebrow. “Yeah? We’ll see.” Soon it was our turn to duel and the Professor turned out the lights. I couldn’t see or hear anything.

True to what Professor Silvers had taught us, Rhi wasn’t making any noise or movements, which was making me very difficult to guess her location. I waited, crouching quite still myself. A few minutes later, I figured she wasn’t going to make the first move. She had decided to wait until I showed myself and then attack me. I groped around in the dark and my hands hit a desk. I bent down behind it and said, “Lumos!” I couldn’t see her anywhere, I held the wand up for a moment and quickly extinguished the light. Clearly, she was hiding behind a desk too.

Now that she knew my position, the moment it was dark again, I heard her yell “Expelliarmus!” and saw a flash of light somewhere from the far right corner of the room. I ducked behind my desk just in time. The desk flew out of the way and I had to dive behind another. She sent two more spells my way, but they were way off the mark. It was all quiet again.

This time, I decided to wait. Sooner or later, she would have to make a move. Had she moved too or was she still in that corner? Should I just send a spell across the room and risk giving up my position? I stood up again, but before I had arrived at a decision, something very hilarious happened. Rhi sneezed!

I guessed the direction where the sound came from, and before she could run, I sent my spell in that direction and disarmed her immediately. It wasn’t really fair for Rhi, but then, that’s life. It can be unfair sometimes. And today was her unlucky day.

Continue to DADA 201 Journal : Week Six.


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