So… Second year at last! Can you tell I am excited?! We had our first DADA (Defense Against the Dark Arts) lesson today, by Professor Melanie Silvers, sweet as always. She told us that we will need to maintain a journal, so here I am. I have decided to continue writing my entries in the same journal I use for Charms and History of Magic, for no other reason than to keep them all in one place. Professor Silvers told us today, that this year we will be focusing on dueling, which is a sort of magical combat between at least two witches and/or wizards. By “strictly magical”, I assume she meant to say “wands only”, because I cannot think of any other way. I am eager to learn more about dueling in the coming lessons! So what if there are rules involved, and sometimes duels may result in death? I think I am going to be really good at it. I excelled in Charms and DADA last year and I have been practising my spells all summer. I hope to perfect all the good defensive spells so that should I ever be engaged in a duel, even if I cannot win, I will make sure I never lose.
(Image Source: Deviantart)

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