Today was the last Charms class before the Final. Nervous and excited! Professor Quilmane did a quick recap of what we learnt about spellcasting over the duration of the term. We went over wand movements, incantations, focus, will power and concentration as the various factors that influence spellcasting. We proceeded to learn two more spells in class today- the Warming Charm and the Chilling Charm. Both these charms have very recently left the experimental stage, so they are fairly new inventions. The incantation for the Warming Charm is “Focillo” (pronounced ‘foh-SILL-oh’) and the wand movement is slow clockwise circles that continue as one concentrates. It produces gentle warmth that radiates outward from the tip of the wand in a small cone. I was asked to focus on the objet I was trying to warm, in my case a cauldron of oil. But the spell needs a great deal of concentration and will power to produce the kind of heat and keep it focused on the object. I was only about to barely heat the cauldron, not the oil. The incantation for the Chilling Charm is “Infrigido” (pronounced ‘in-Frig-ee-doh’) and the wand movement is slow counter-clockwise circles that continue as one concentrates. This spell is very similar to the Warming Charm, except that the wand movement is the exact opposite and the incantation differs. The effects are the exact opposite too. We were trying to cool a cauldron of warm water. I don’t know if the water cooled down on its own or it was my charm, but when I dipped my fingers in the cauldron at the end of class, it did appear quite cold, I swear. As part of our homework, Professor Quilmane asked us to create our own spell! I made a spell that generates a dense cloud of dust, smoke and mist to temporarily blind the opponent. Of course it doesn’t work, because I came up with it. And I’m still a first year. But it was fun imagining the possibilities, assuming the spell did work! And also the fact that I got a 100% on that assignment! YAY! Final next week. I can’t wait to finish it and get to second year after the vacations!

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