Continued from The Shenanigans of 42 : Chapter 7.

10th – 16th of August

Dear Diary,

This is my first entry into the dorm diary but probably not the last. I am new to the world of the 42 but have been welcomed with open arms and I wanted to thank everyone for that. I am a bit shy and have trouble making friends sometimes, but I feel like I fit in here. We all share a love for our school and the magical world and you all have a crazy fun sense of humor that I can really relate to. I have already met so many cool people including my new big sister Unji who is te awesome, Novi Badman (uh batman thank you for inviting me to 42) and Rhi who is always posting fun things; to name only a few of the 41 other people in the dorm that are awesome. You all post the greatest things and I hope to get to know the rest of you better too. I have had a lot of great laughs, had some delicious apel drenk, learned some new speak and danced up a storm.

Clara aka CBear (Clara LeRune)

Dear Nala,

I know it’s been so long since you’ve heard from me, and I’m very sorry. I had an emergency with my family and things have been a bit hectic. It’s still a little hard for me to deal with. My grandmother passed away, and it has hit my family hard. I am trying to not think about it very much, because everytime I do it brings me back to the day.

On a happier note, I have started dating someone. He’s also in our dorm, and the way everyone found out was super embarrassing. He had left me a note, but he left it on the wrong bed! I don’t know how, but he got my bed mixed up with Rhi’s. Of course she opened it, there wasn’t a name on it. She thought it was for her from Deve. After that, everyone knew, but that’s ok, we weren’t really keeping it a secret or anything.

I’m also really behind on my assignments. I was traveling for about three weeks and fell really behind. I’m working on getting caught up again soon, hopefully I’ll be completely caught up soon. Well my dear Nala, I’m going to keep it short and sweet this time. I’m hoping to have more to share next time.

Onji (Onji Thomas)

Dear Diary,

This week has been pretty much a homework week. I’ve been catching up on assignments. I’m almost finished DADA. Soon I will only have 3 classes to finish, how exciting.

We are working hard on the Quidditch league, and I hope my team does well. I also broke the 800 points mark this week, which I’m pleased about. My head has been a bit in the clouds lately though … erm, hopefully that passes quickly!

Anyway, I must get back to my Charms journal. If you are reading this then smile, and remember today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

Luara (Laura) (Laura Jean)

17th to 23rd of August

Dear Journal,

I know I never start out this way but when I write an apology letter, I feel that it’s appropriate. I have not been going to classes for the last 2 weeks and when I return will likely smother underneath the homework mountain. There has been a family situation going on recently that I will detail in the next few days if possible.  I am so thankful for my Leaguys and Leaguettes. They are so encouraging and supportive in times like these; I seem to get an owl every few hours even though I’m not hanging around the dorm for the time being. I will tell you what I tell them: I can’t wait to be back and take my mind off of things. You guys are the best.

Don’t let the Muggles—or the struggles—keep you down,

Isabel Rhodesse

Wake us up, when September ends.

Originally posted by Rhiannon Fleetwood in the Hogwarts is Here library under the same title. Click here to view. Hope you enjoyed our update. Continue to The Shenanigans of 42 : Chapter 9. 🙂


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