Continued from The Shenanigans of 42 : Chapter 5.

Dear Friend,

Our break is almost over! Classes start again in about a week and a half. I am so excited! We are going to be able to take electives! I have no idea which ones I want to take. I wonder if I could manage to take all of them! A time turner would really come in handy! I know I definitely want to take Divination and Care of Magical Creatures. I’m not sure on the rest.

I have to say, my dormmates are the best. I’ve been going through some stuff recently and they have been so supportive! I don’t know what I would do without them. I am so lucky to be a part of this amazing dorm!  Everyone has been busy lately though. We don’t sit around and chat as much as we used to. I kind of miss that. I did get to tell a great joke this week!!! I know you want to hear it! Why was the baby strawberry crying? Can you guess? Because, his parents were in a JAM!! Hahahahaha.

Well that’s all for now. Maybe next week I’ll have more to say. I’m trying to get a karaoke night going so hopefully that will happen!!

Until next time,
Cici the Certainly Headless Prefect (Cristina Trail)

Saturday, June 5th

This week I was a bit remiss in… well… just about everything. I didn’t keep a very good diary, I didn’t do my Potions club activities and I didn’t even make it on the field trip on Saturday as the time was changed.  However, I feel relaxed and excited for the new term!

My family wanted me back for festivities, and so I traveled back to the USA for the Fourth of July f. It was great to see my brother, the great Hufflepuff (and I mean that in the fondest way possible!) and the rest of my family but I’m glad to get back to Hogwarts and my dorm.

In the last few days, the dorm has grown quite a bit and the new “Leaguys” and “Leaguettes” are so charming and outgoing that it’s hard to believe they’re Ravenclaws. But once I saw how clever they all were (witticisms, insightfulness and Head Girls abound!) it all made sense.

I missed out on a lot this week, but thanks to the notes and fancy hybrid picture-taking machines they use to capture themselves at various times throughout the week I was able to catch up on most of the things I missed. I love coming home to the dorm and seeing the walls covered in new pictures and putting my brains to work deciphering which happened when and who was responding to whom. The pictures don’t last too long, as there are always more photos and notes arriving at all hours of the day to replace the old ones, but that’s the kind of liveliness I’ve gotten used to in the League of 42.  Also, I’ve grabbed a curious picture-machine in advance to document something I think will make great wall art.

The other dorm-mates were so full of life and excitement when I can back it was like I never left. So I’m heading into this new week with similar levels of energy. Many of the dorm mates are still chugging along at finishing their first year work during the break, they have such excellent motivation (and even better ways of relaxing and rewarding themselves; the new pool—though still a mystery as to how it was possible—is a real treat!). I’m really looking forward to going into Year 2 with them helping me through it.

Until then, I’ll be floating in the pool, hovering a book out of the reaches of the water. I’ve already knocked 2 off of my list!

Don’t let the muggles get you down!

Isabel (Isabel Rhodesse)

This week’s theme: My dorm.

Walking down the corridor on my way to my dorm, I felt the usual surge of excitement come on. Two corners away from the entrance and I could already hear the giggles and laughter wafting down towards me, and it made me grin in anticipation. They (we, to be honest) really were a rowdy bunch, that much was clear for everyone to see. My dorm.

On the other hand, being Ravenclaws, we made sure our grades never dropped. Even now, I myself only have one last assignment and then one last final, both from Potions. The first of which I’ve just completed and the second of which will take place tomorrow. The Potions assignment asked for a commercial for the Memory Potion, and I’d had fun working on that today with one of my Puffling friends. We’d borrowed a magical camera off a friend of mine, and had spent the better part of the last two hours shooting all sorts of crazy video’s, the one more hilarious (and waaay less serious) than the next, and I could actually feel the muscles in my belly aching, not ready for another round of laughter so soon but gearing up for action just in case. And they were right to do so, as things in my dorm were never dull. I had some fun, but called it a night quite early, as I had my final exam the next day. They all waved me goodbye and wished me luck and good dreams. Oh, what good friends I have here. In my dorm.

Part of the final referenced the human memory system, and because I’d already learnt about that during a Muggle class before coming to Hogwarts, I was worried that I’d put in too much information that the Professor wouldn’t be able to check. But then again, was I a Ravenclaw or what?! So I’d thrown myself into it with a vigour, and handed it in just a few minutes before making my way over to the best place to get some relaxation: My dorm.

In form, the entrance to the League of 42 – now located in 24,669 – now asked a riddle about potions in order to gain access to the wonders that lay within, and it took me less than half a minute to determine which phial out of the five set before me would grant access, which contained water and which one would make me so violently sick the description actually contained the directions to the closest bathroom. As soon as I’d downed the content of the correct phial, the phials disappeared and I was able to enter the domain of the spammers, the Curious ‘Claws, the 42-ers: My dorm.

I was greeted by raucous laughter and shouts asking after my selfie of the day – I handed them a picture from my studying, and was both cheered and booed for it. Cheered that I’d participated, booed that it wasn’t funny or anything. But then, this week I was studying for my last final, my Potions Essay Final, and I’d been very busy. But now was the time for relaxation. I joined them eagerly for a game of Cards Against Humanity, joked around with my friends and generally had a good time. What a way to end an adventurous year, with my favourite group of people. My dorm.

(Manon Van Liempt)

Dear Nala,

I know I didn’t catch up with you last week and I’m super sorry. I fell behind on my coursework and was trying to catch up. I managed to get everything done except for Potions and Transfiguration. I’m planning on getting those finished this week. I have to, I need to go on to second year with my dormies! We’re still getting new dormies, and I think it’s amazing. I love seeing the new faces in the dorm, and it’s so much fun getting to know one another. We were just sitting around the fireplace the other day just talking and getting to know one another. I found out that Isabel and I share a birthday, how cool is that?! So now we’ve been joking around and telling people that we’re twins. I’m wondering if people believe that. We look nothing alike, but hey maybe we’re fraternal! I’m sorry to keep this so short this week, but I need to take my Potions midterm and still need to study for it. Until next week Nala!

Onji (Onji Thomas)

Originally posted by Rhiannon Fleetwood in the Hogwarts is Here library under the same title. Click here to view. Hope you enjoyed our update. Continue to The Shenanigans of 42 : Chapter 7. 🙂


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