Continued from The Shenanigans of 42 : Chapter 4.

Dear Friend,

Finals are over. I’m done. I have officially completed my first year at Hogwarts!!! The Transfiguration final was hard, but I’m pretty sure I passed. I even managed to bring my History of Magic grade up from an E to an O. I am so proud of myself! In other news, I am trying to get a karaoke night going for us. I hope my lovely dormies are willing to participate. I am sure that it will be lots of fun! Everyone has gone selfie crazy. We have a very attractive dorm! We have had tons of fun. We always do though. I still haven’t decorated my box since moving though. I really need to do that. I think I’m one of the few that hasn’t done it. That’s all I have for now. Sorry to keep it so short!

Cici The Certainly Headless Prefect (Cristina Trail)

Dear J,

Yes, that’s J for Journal. Don’t judge, I’m not hyper-creative! Anyway, J, this week has been busy. Last week I left my old dorm. The people were nice, but it was just too big for little introvert me. I heard that L42 was looking for new members, and I threw in my name. Luckily they accepted me! I was a little shy at first, but I’ve gotten over it pretty fast. I can honestly say that I’ve never had such a diverse group of friends that got along so well! Some of them keep strange hours, it’s like they’re refusing to submit to jet lag! Anyway, schoolwork… I got an O on my Transfig midterm! I was really surprised, I didn’t feel at all prepared for it when I was taking it. Of course, Prof Darkstorm had just gotten engaged – maybe he was feeling generous! My silly dormies almost made me mess up my Cure for Boils potion – they got me off track when I was trying to brew it talking about adding a swimming pool to the common area. Love it! I practiced Astrictus this week, too. I stuck two of my dormies that we all ship together with bracelets. It was hysterical! Life is never boring here in L42!

I will write more next week, J.
dena (Dana Kreidler)

Aloha, Journal! (I’ll find a name for you, sooner or later.)

So this is my first entry here. I’m not quite sure what to say. Perhaps an introduction! Excellent idea, self. Hey! The name’s Fadi. *crossed line: I’m the Fab Queen.* I’m in Ravenclaw (obviously) and in the best dorm ever, The League of 42. (Obviously) Usually, you’ll find me quite hyper, unorganized, and procrastinating. So far, my dormies are really great. You’ll find some randomly singing, while some of them are really nerdy nerds. Our leader, Novi/Bat Leader is a pretty cool guy. He/She/It/whatever you prefer tends to lurk the dorm, which creeps me out. Anyway, so that this entry doesn’t end up being two lines long, I’ll just tell ya a story that is pretty random. While trying to do an assignment in HoM a while ago, I tried so hard to to keep under the word limit that I ended up dying. I became a skeleton. (Ask my dormies, they saw my selfie) Its pretty cool except the fact that I can’t eat, drink, feel, die, or anything. Yeeeeah, I should probably do those assignments… *Assignments glare at me in hatred and longing to be done.*

Ooooookie, backing away slowly now.

Yours 5evar,
feedee, fab queen (Fadi Royale)

Sat, June 21st

Today was my first full day in the dorm. It was one of those days that –while wonderful (and filled with festivities, movies and world traveling)– is completely exhausting.

 I woke up this morning and dashed out of bed, hurrying to get dressed and packed. In record time, I was ready and stumbling down into our common room, where I literally collided with another, sleepy-looking girl. After extracting our backpacks, limbs and various cereal bowls, we realized we were both headed to the same place: Professor Starfight and Quilmane’s  field trip. We headed quickly down the maze of hallways and stairs, and though we got a bit lost, it gave us some time to chat. She was new to the dorm too. She said that she was still working on her classes, and was glad she was going to have a study partner from the dorm to help her out. While we were walking, engrossed in conversation about the quirks of the new dorm, we found and joined the groupmilling around outside Professor’s Starfight’s office.  We were quickly organized into different groups for traveling. But my disappointment was quickly replaced with amazement as we stepped through the fireplace and reappeared in Egypt. Ancient tombs?! Scavenger hunts? Sphinxes?!Treasure? We could hardly look away from what was happening around us to share brief glances with raised eyebrows.

When we got back to Hogwarts, my fellow dorm mate had to head to the library to study for one of her tests, so I wished her well and brought our maps with me to the dorm to show the rest of the League. After a bit of playing with them(when you tapped a point on the map, it would zoom in on the tomb and give you all sorts of information and 3D pictures)and gushing about the adventure, quite a crowd was already gathering, even though it was still 2 hours before the movie in the Auditorium. It quickly morphed into a picnic-come-party with pizza, popcorn and Paulopabita’s Fishy Green Ale (which the people at the Hog’s Head still assure me tastes nothing like fish, but I still refuse to try). We were so distracted that, by the time we discovered there wasn’t any more room in the Auditorium, we didn’t even mind. A set of WWW’s much improved Extendable Ears and Eyes were produced, and we continued the party in the convenience of our own dorm.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been back to my room, and so I think for now it is time to crawl into bed. I don’t know if today can be topped, but if it can, I’m in the dorm most likely to do it.

Wednesday, June 25th

I’ve been negligent in writing again! But this time, it’s not been because I was busy. The last few days have been very low-key, but very enjoyable. I seem to run into League members… (League-guys… Leaguettes?)all over the place, not just in the dorms.

On Monday, Janessa and I went to the Potions Club where they taught us the Babbling Beverage. The potion wasn’t too hard, but I’m still working on the roll of parchment we need to turn in. Maybe I should ask Janessa how she’s doing…

Then, Tuesday at Elemental Magic Club, Professor Rubedo taught us Aqua Eructo. I didn’t spot anyone from the dorm there, but as the Club currently meets in something akin to a broom cupboard, there aren’t a lot of members.

Just a few hours ago I ran into one of the younger, more reclusive members at the Balog’s Army meeting. I’d only ever seen glimpses of her in the dorm.  She seemed really nice though, and prone to hugging, even if she’s always busy with school work.

There’s a boy in the common room talking about a pool party this weekend. In the dorm itself. We don’t have a pool …I confess to being equal parts skeptical and interested in seeing how this will work out. I think I’ll offer to help filling up whatever pool he manages to produce—I need to practice Aqua Eructo anyway.

Friday, June 27th

I’ve been so busy with clubs this week! I hope I’m able to keep up with them all when second term starts. I went to the Wizarding Culinary Arts Club meeting yesterday. I saw Onji on the way there and she gave a cheery wave and a smile. The witches (mostly witches) at that club were very intimidating. I mostly just sat in the back, listening, thinking to myself about my lack of motivation for cooking. The demonstration and ingredients list for this week was daunting—and I hadn’t even started the other 2 recipes they mentioned. How can that be more difficult than Potions?! I noticed one of the Council members there though. She seemed like an interesting mix of silly and serious. Unlikely I’ll impress her with my cooking skills.

I finally figured out how to work the hybrid picture-takers in the dorm. The other members are always taking them and taking pictures of themselves doing all sorts of things and hanging them up on the walls with notes for everyone to look at.

This weekend should be nearly as exciting as the last, which likely means I won’t write ‘till Monday. There are movies tonight, and I heard there’s another field trip tomorrow. Hopefully I can make it to this one too! There’s also a probable pool party— or at least more shenanigans— in the dorm on Sunday.

Until then— don’t let the muggles get you down!

Isabel (Isabel Rhodesse)

Dear Little Book,

How are you today? Hope you have been well! I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you a bit these last two weeks. I’ve been trying to crack down into study to finish my first year off at Hogwarts. I’ve also been busy helping the new dormies settle in. The dorm looks a bit messy right now! But hopefully everything should be sorted soon! We have also got a pool into our dorm. Yeah, I know, how the heck did we accomplish that?! Anyhow, it’s in our dorm and we will be having a pool party! 😀

I mentioned last week that one of the new dormies was quite cute. OMG Little Book! We flirt all the time, our dormies have even started shipping us! My goodness! This makes me feel a little shy and embarrassed! But we have good fun addressing each other with names like ‘honey’ and ‘baby’.

I have completely finished my Charms studies and Astronomy studies. I will now try to complete the five other subjects to start my second year of schooling at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

I do believe that means I need to get back to studying. So with that, I shall write in you later Little Book.

With all my love,

P.S I need to get motivated! Or I will fall behind! So, do you think I should ask other dormies to help me out? I already have asked Dani to help me throughout my Charms Studies. Hopefully others can help me with Potions, Trans, DADA, Herb and HOM. Anyway, going to run away to the library and get studying, see you next week! (Rhiannon Fleetwood)

Week Five

It’s been another two weeks since I last wrote. There was a lot going on and I had to stay under the radar. There are new dormmates now. Some of them are very talkative and some are rather quiet. They talk, but not as much. They were asked to fill out a questionnaire. The results have not been posted yet. There is a party in a few days. They are putting a pool in the dorm. I don’t see this as a “wise” thing to do.

I saw talk of one of them being an animagus. I will do some digging and find out who and what they are. I believe that they are unregistered. Once I know who it is, I will exercise extreme caution around them. I hope “The Precious” was relocated and everything went smoothly. SHE would be very unhappy if something went wrong. It would be the undoing of this plan if something were to happen to it.

As always they suspect nothing. I still remain unnoticed. You would think with them being Ravenclaw that they would have noticed me by now. As surprising as it is, it is better this way. There are no questions to answer. That’s all I have for now. I will not make any more promises as to when I will write. Just know I will as soon as I can.

James S. (Unknown)

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