Continued from The Shenanigans of 42 : Chapter 2.

Dear Journal,

I’ve been extremely homesick for the past few days, I sent an owl to my parents and brother, hoping they’d respond promptly, and they haven’t. I’m worried. Hopefully today I’ll receive their letter in response.

The lack of communication with my family is worsening my procrastination. Or maybe I’m just making excuses to not do the large pile of homework that is accumulating on my desk. I really speak to my dorm mates about my worries but I’m sure they have their own worries to deal with, plus, I’m probably overreacting.

Right. So I’m overreacting but I just can’t help but shake the sick feeling in my stomach. Hopefully I’ll be distracted enough and finish my homework, that should take my mind off of them for a while…hopefully.

Well, thank you for listening to my probably harmless concerns and distractions.

Until next time,
Ama Marie. (Ama Marie)

A week has gone by, and we still have no replies for the DO. I understand that they’re having trouble because of how many people are enrolling, but it would be nice to at least have some information on it. The GH and Dorm chats are still down, which I hope is motivating people to do more schoolwork. More and more finals are popping up, and we’re getting closer and closer to Second Year, which is a little bit unnerving. Everyone on here has been really nice about helping with homework, though, and they’ve made sure everyone feels like they can always ask for help. There seem to be more and more professors popping up all the a time, and despite the short amount of time left in the term people are still enrolling every day. I guess that’s all for this week, bye!

The Darling of Ravenclaw House (as dubbed by The Batman) (Anna-Noel Imbriaco)

Dear journal,

Exams are half over and it’s starting to wind down. While I’m looking forward to a break from homework I’m super sad to say goodbye to my dormmates. I’m going to miss Novi’s exaggerated compliments, Cristy’s jokes, Rhi’s silliness, Onji’s adorable Ness and everyone else that would take this entire notebook to write down. We were talking and decided we should all get boxes so we can be neighbors and always see each other. I don’t know how it is going to happen with us living so far apart, but I’M GUNNA MAKE IT WORK!!

That’s all. I shall see you next week and tell you how exams are going. Bye!!
(Bronze Feather)

Dear Friend,

We (my dorm and) have decided that we are all going to be living next to each other (Outside of school). We are going to laminate boxes and put them next to each other. We shall be the League of 42 Boxes, also known as Boxcar Ravenclaws. I think this is a fantastic plan. We are also going to be getting some new dormmates soon. And we have some special stuff planned for them!! Luckily, I was able to avoid any incidents this week. I’m getting quite used to being headless. Although, it was a pretty close call with an Imp happened upon while wondering through a marsh I got lost in. Don’t ask how got there. I’m not telling. Dani is trying to force glitter and sparkles on me. I’m going to cover her with green paint while she sleeps. See how she likes that. Which just reminded me, I have to go find some paint! I will let you know how it goes next time I write!

Cici the Certainly Headless (and mischevious) Prefect. (Cristina Trail)

Hi there Journalie!

Sorry I didn’t write in you last week, it has been crazy around here! Between classes, life, and shenanigans with my dormies I just didn’t have time to sit down! But I couldn’t stand to have you sitting on my desk collecting dust and judging me silently for ignoring you. So here I am! Last weekend was the best and most interesting weekend I’ve had at Hogwarts. Onji had brought along this Muggle game called “Cards against Humanity” so Rhi, Onji, Cristy, Nov, a few other dormies, and some friends from other houses all gathered in the Great Hall to play. I tell you what Journalie, you have never experienced life until you have played this game. We were most definitely not short on giggles on that Friday. We had such a good time we met on Saturday night to play again! Onji decided that since we were having so much fun playing, we should announce it to the whole school. So she posted an announcement in the Great Hall saying that there would be a weekly playing of Cards Against Humanity and we already have loads more people signing up!
Well Journalie, I must be running. Have to study for Transfiguration! I will check in with you next week!

-Nicole (Nicole Leininger)

Dear Journal,

I really want to come up with something different to call you, “journal” seems just so….generic! Anyways, I wish I could spend more time writing about what happened this week, but I’m just so exhausted. I never felt this way when I went to muggle school, it just seems to be so much more intense here. I guess it’s a good thing that I love to study! Exams are almost over, and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to survive the break. I’ve gotten so used to seeing all my dormies every day. I mean we’re so close that we’re all talking about enchanting boxes so we can all live close to one another, how cool would that be? Oh! We also might be getting some new Dormies, which would be very cool. We have so much fun together it will be exciting to have some new faces participate. I’m really enjoying most of my classes, but I will admit that I’m having an issue in a couple of them. I’m grateful that so many of my new friends are excelling in those classes, mainly Potions and Transfiguration. Now I just have to get the nerve to ask them for a bit of help. I’m sure Bronze or Cici would be ok with helping. I mean I am in Ravenclaw, the last thing I want to do is fail a class, that would be humiliating! I will say this though, I have met someone that I kind of sort of like…he’s just not in Ravenclaw. I know, that is so scandalous! I don’t really want to write very much about him just quite yet, he doesn’t even know how I feel. I guess we’ll just have to see where it goes. I am going to eat lunch with him next week though.

Onji (Onji Thomas)

Hello Little book!

Ok, I have decided that my diary book shall have the same name as my Charms Journal! So, there you have it little book, you have a name! Hope you have been well this week little book! I certainly have!

We are coming up to a little break for some students, some students have to stay behind and finish their studies. I am almost half-way through little book! I had some problems earlier which had made me fall behind in my studies a little. But I am back on track. I am hoping to not be too far behind my other dormies, who are almost all complete! So in saying that, I really must get back to study little book. I shall talk more next week! I’m sure you will hear more hilarity of what goes on in my life here at Hogwarts! Oh and little book! I forgot to tell you, I must tell my parents I am moving to live with my dormies in cardboard boxes and we have named our neighbourhood ‘The League of 42 Boxes’, how cool is that little book?

Will write more in you next week little book,
rhiennun. (Rhiannon Fleetwood)

Week 3

It has been longer than one week since I last communicated with you. I had to be very careful. There was some suspicion as to my identity. Batman seems to have disappeared. They say he is on a semi-vacation, but I fear otherwise. No one takes a vacation from Hogwarts at this time of year. I must be extra cautious around him. “The Precious” must be relocated just in case something should happen. I have not mentioned “Project P” at all. I doubt it is likely anything should happen, this is only precautionary. They are arranging for new people to come into the dorm. Rhi has made a list of people the others are wanting. There are no new developments among the people. They mostly just tell cheesy jokes and talk about homework. They are of no threat. I will continue to monitor them as you get things ready. I will contact you immediately should something happen. If not I will report back in one week’s time if circumstance permits it.

James S. (Unknown to others)

8th June – 14th June:

I remember it was a happy moment when both I and my twin sister, Devanshi Batman, received Hogwarts acceptance letters! We arrived at Hogwarts on an August evening of 1963. Apparently, it was Albus Dumbledore during his travels across Asia as a part of the Wizengamot, who invited the Batman family to send their children to study at Hogwarts, to promote Indo-British peace. So here we were, two little 11 year olds from a faraway land. The Sorting Hat had considered sorting me in Slytherin, but I asked to be sorted in Ravenclaw instead. I felt like I just belonged in this House. My sister was more of an obvious choice for Ravenclaw, she said the Hat didn’t even bother contemplating. We were put in dorms of 5 each, which we are told can be expanded since a lot of new students were expected to arrive from all over the world. I was assigned the dorm leader of #24,669. There were two other American guys, Aaron and Simon, and a British girl named Iona Fleming…

It’s been 50 years since that day. This dorm has seen a few generations come and go. A lot seems to have changed, while a lot more has remained unchanged. The dorm now holds 42 first years, and is called “The League of 42”. Well, that’s another story for another day. The kids have been nice to me, even though it’s awkward for them to have a ghost floating around their dorm. There’s a girl called Cristy. She’s a Prefect. She seems pretty nice, she helps everyone and tells them jokes. Sweet kid. Enough for now. Let me go spook some unsuspecting first year in the Great Hall… Later.

I’m Batman. (The Ghost of Novellus Batman)

Originally posted by Rhiannon Fleetwood in the Hogwarts is Here library under the same title. Click here to view. Hope you enjoyed our entries this week. Continue to The Shenanigans of 42 : Chapter 4. 🙂


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