So… Hi. My name is Novellus Batman. No, wait. My name was Novellus Batman. I am a ghost now. I died last Monday in my sleep. I was 61, not really old. But meh, I lived a full life. I had the opportunity of knowing Albus Dumbledore, first as his student, then as a friend. He was my true hero. I lived through the Battle of Hogwarts (my son took part in it, I’m proud of him!). I met the love of my life, married her, had three beautiful children… More of my life story later.

Anyway. I had come to Hogwarts last week for a meeting of the Wizengamot, to be chaired by Headmaster Bälog. I requested to be put up in Ravenclaw Tower, just to reminisce my old school days among the first year kids. “You will love your time in The League of 42 Dorm”, Henrick Darkstorm, who is now Head of Ravenclaw House, had said. “Those kids are the pride of Ravenclaw Hosue. You will love getting to know them.” Little did I know that I would breathe my last in here and turn into a ghost. Looks like I have all of eternity to get to know these kids. I am now a part of The League of 42. Forever.


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