This is the diary written by members of The League of 42. Hope you enjoy reading our entries.

This diary/book was drawn from an idea from our very own Lylia Lee. As far as we know, no other dorm has ONE diary for all its members. You will notice some of our entries have the same events, because we have been current to see these events unfold. Everyone also has different events going on, as not everyone was there to see it, or they did those events with other people.

Dear Diary,
This was a great week at Hogwarts. I had a great time. I was even made a prefect by Professor Quilmane! I have the best dorm mates. We set up a really good study system. We each have a study buddy. All of them are so friendly and supportive. I told some great jokes! Want to hear them? Of course you do. Who doesn’t like jokes? The first one was “What kind of clothes do lawyers wear to court?” Can you guess? The answer is LAWSUITS. Funny, right? The next one is even better. It goes “What kind of boats to vampires like?” You’ll never guess the answer! It was Blood Vessels!!!! XD So funny I know!! I can’t wait to tell them more. I should mention at this point that I am headless. It was a freak accident that my dormie Ghosite Dani caused. I don’t want to go into details, (Who wants details of a head getting cut off?) but it’s important to know that, I think. It caused an accident in herbology, my being headless, we were studying bouncing bulbs and between my clumsiness and having no head I tripped and fell onto one of them! It attacked me! Luckily Dani, my other dormie not to be confused with Ghostie Dani, was there to save me. My courses went well this week I think. Not much happened, other than the Bouncing Bulb incident. That’s all I have for now. Until next week Diary. (I’m going to think of a new name for you by then).

Cici the Certainly Headless Prefect (Cristina Trail)

I have finally settled down in my dorm for the start of my scholastic career at Hogwarts and I have never thought I could find such an amazing group of friends! We all sat down at the direction of our fearless Bat Leader, Novi, for some get to know your dormies fun. This quickly devolved into a discussion about Doctor Who, our families back home, and what socks we were currently wearing. We all knew we were in this together and were going to make the League of 42 the best dorm on campus! We set a goal to make at least 10,000 points for Ravenclaw as a dorm and set up a council of members headed by Novi, Dani, Cristy, and Manon with another member rotated in weekly. Dani set up a spreadsheet in order to help us stay motivated about schoolwork and Novi set us into study partners (although it ends up being a giant study party in our dorm most of the time…complete with Oreos and butter beer).
All in all, between the cheesy jokes from Cristy (what do lawyers wear in court? LAWSUITS!), the constant hilarity from Novi, the impromptu sing a longs from Frozen songs, and the support and cheering from the rest of my dormies I know that this first year of Hogwarts is going to be AMAZING.

(Nicole Leininger)

Dear Diary,

Well, it looks like I’ve finally settled in at Hogwarts! So far my dorm is amazing! We are called The League of 42, you wouldn’t believe how many students are in our dorm! Yeah, it’s 42, I know, I know, I need to get better at ‘humour’. My dorm mates stay up all night talking about the most random things! I guess I should mention at this point I was sorted into Ravenclaw! The Sorting Hat was considering Hufflepuff but thought I was more Brainy than loyal. Pfft. At least my studies are proving I was put into the right house. So far Ravenclaw is winning the house cup! My dorm mates have created this ‘Study Buddy’ system to help us get lots of points (we are trying to get 10,000 all together in the next few weeks). I have talked with my partner, but I kind of just get advice from all my dormies. I have already become friends with others outside my dorm. A Gryffindor named Preston, Two Slytherin girls; Lillian and Bryanna and a fellow Ravenclaw named Gray. We may or may not get up to a bit of mischief around the school. If I am not seen with my dorm mates in the Great Hall, you can bet your Knuts I will be with my friends! We have sort of nicknamed ourselves the Fabulous Five.. It’s because we are just fabulous. Um…I kinda got to wrap this up diary, I need to study for my History of Magic assignment.

Lots of love,
Rhi (or rhiennun, as my dorm leader calls me) (Rhiannon Fleetwood)

Week one I arrived at Hogwarts a week ago. I was put into place in dorm 15,991. They call themselves the League of 42. Why 42? Because, 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. There is a Batman in the dorm. Everyone seems to fawn over him. There is also a ghost girl. A prefect hangs around the dorm tripping over stuff all day, possibly due to the fact that she is headless. I will remember to keep my distance from her and her accident proneness. There is a girl named Dani. She has a strange nickname Bronze something (Feather I believe). There is also some girl named Rhi. She is special for being the only one in some country I think. There are others, but I have yet to gather enough intel on them to talk about them. From what I see there is a substantial amount of people in the dorm that are never there. They have a “Study Buddy” system set up. It goes into great detail. They keep records of everyone’s points and the amount each pair has total. There is also a document to keep track of where they are in the courses. Being placed in Ravenclaw is going to make this harder than I thought. So far they suspect nothing. There is a girl walking towards me. She goes by Amanda. I must go for now. I’ll update you in one weeks’ time.

James S (Unknown to other Dormies)

Originally posted by Rhiannon Fleetwood in the Hogwarts is Here library under the same title. Click here to view. Continue to The Shenanigans of 42 : Chapter 2.


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