He didn’t know me too well, neither was he aware of my past, or even for that matter, my current state of mind and affairs. Yet, when he said it, it felt as if he knew what he was saying, or more importantly, to whom he was saying those words:

“Sometimes you have to be evil to be good, tough to be kind, stupid to be intelligent, and a loser to be a winner. Time, that’s what matters, for everything. Sometimes, we make all times as our time… sometimes, we just wait… waiting in the shadows… for what we think is the right time… waiting… while we battle our fears… waiting… while hoping for the best…

And when the right time comes, we simply refuse to acknowledge it. We turn away and live in self-denial, saying to ourselves that this time is not the right time, even though deep down we know it is…


That is because maybe we fear… fear that we may not be good enough… we may not get what we want… we may not live up to the expectations… The truth is, fear is the bad thing… it is worse than the reality. The longer you fear, the weaker you become. It is like the termite… it diminishes your power and eats away your soul… all from inside… And yet… we fear the outside?


Because we refuse to acknowledge that the fault lies within us. We like to believe that we are better than others, even though we don’t know why? And when the right moment comes, we don’t acknowledge it, because we fear that we may finally find out that we are no different… that we are the same… the same kind as all… all of one kind… we’re all the same…”

And this is my way of preserving those words, said in a very matter-of-fact way, yet, so wise. It is true there is a hero within all of us. I found my hero in him that day. My little hero.

Gangadhar hi Shaktimaan ho na ho,
par Sherlock hi Batman hai.


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