Y’know, I once had my friend Ashritha. This girl always had a lot of questions to ask. What? Why? When? Which? How? Ugghhh! So much so that I finally had a nickname for her. I used to call her ‘Question Paper‘.

They say life is full of questions and we going about finding answers to them is what life is all about. Anyway here are a quick twenty of them. Ponder away…

    1. What is the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? Rat and mouse? Bull and ox? Donkey and mule? Saffron and orange?
    2. If the universe is everything and it is expanding, then what is it expanding into? (“Haven’t I asked this before?”)
    3. How much money is really there in the world? When it comes to trading with other inhabited planets, will we be rich enough, or will we be called The Third World? (pun intended)
    4. Is it really possible to foretell the future? Is Astrology a Science? Or are we not too knowledgeable about it yet? Will we ever be? Can you foresee when?
    5. If you are in a dream within a dream sequence, do you really have to wake up twice? Anybody been there yet?
    6. If division is the inverse of multiplication, how then does an amoeba multiply by dividing? (“Got you!”)
    7. Why do the Cullens waste their time going to the same high school every year and study the same subjects over and over again, for hundreds of years? Don’t they ever get bored? The amount of time they had on their hands (“What a luxury!”), had they used it well, they could have discovered a cure for Cancer/AIDS or invented alternate fuels and won Nobel Prizes by the dozen, don’t you think? Or are Nobel Prizes ‘for deeds by alive humans only’?
    8. Had dinosaurs still been alive, how well could Dinosaur and Man have co-existed? Or would we have had World Wars of entirely a different kind?
    9. In the Ramayana, Sita, being a good wife, accompanied Rama into exile. Why then didn’t Laxmana’s wife do the same?
    10. Why can’t a billion-plus-strong nation like ours play good football, despite all the crazy following? Why do we have a national team that doesn’t even feature in the Top 100 nations? Will we ever play in, if not win, a FIFA World Cup?
    11. How did Sherlock fake his suicide fall? (“This one will be answered soon.”)
    12. Are those 1969 pictures of Armstrong & Co., on the moon surface real?
    13. How similar can a clone ever be to the real? Will they react the same way to situations? Do they both think of the same things at the same time?
    14. If India, Pakistan and Bangladesh had never parted, and assuming all the money saved from the meaningless wars and other activities which wouldn’t have taken place, been channelized healthily, would we have taken over from USA & China as the World’s No.1 Superpower by now? Also, how many World Cups in Cricket & Hockey would we have won by now?
    15. If Aliens landed on Earth one fine day, and mingled amongst us taking up Human form, how will we be able to identify them, if at all?
    16. Masala movie-ishtyle, when one is hit on the head and much later, once he/she regains consciousness: Main kaun hoon? Main kahaan hoon? (Who am I? Where am I?)
    17. Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di? (“We only kept asking this question, nobody bothered to answer it!”)
    18. Will I pass this subject? Am I good enough? What is the purpose of my existence? (“Okay, that is typical me.”)
    19. So what did come first – the chicken or the egg?
    20. If not for this, what could the last question really have been? (“Check-mate?”)

Got an answer or opinion on any one or all of the above questions, comment here, or email me at ganymede.blues@gmail.com. Like one of my teachers would say, “I NEED SOME ANSWERS! AND QUICK!”

Okkaaayyyy, cheers!


Update (22 July 2013): This blog has been published on the IIT Bombay Writers Bloc website. You can view it here and here.

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