This is probably the biggest question on your mind, irrespective of what brought you here. I love that curiosity. I revel in it. I believe the saying, “necessity is the mother of all inventions” to be only partly correct. Part of the credit should also go to curiosity. Inventions are as much a result of the need to satisfy or please one’s curiosity as the need itself.

So, let’s go back to the question we started with: Who is Chick’pet Bhai™?

Well, I will not answer that question now. Or maybe I am not sure I can do justice by trying to answer it immediately. I am hoping with time, the question will answer itself. (The curiosity thing, I know). What then is this post worth if the very question isn’t going to be answered? Well for now, I shall share with you this short biography I had written sometime last year when I created a Facebook fan page for Chick’pet Bhai. Yes, that’s the link. You can visit the page and read it there too. In the coming posts… Okay let them come, we’ll see!

“Yo! Guys and girls… ich thy friend as long as ich don’t break thine leg”, said Mr.Shakespeare, former spokesperson of Chick’pet Bhai™, on his behalf.

“Amen”, the world said in unison. Chick’pet Bhai™ (CPB) (real name: Christopher Mohammad Kasturirangan), is a fictional character, created by the author when he was in Class 8th, at the age of 12. It is ‘widely rumoured’ that the character was based on one of his own classmates who used to reside in the Chickpet area of Bangalore City (Karnataka, India), but the author has never officially confirmed it. The speculations are partly based on the fact that the author once mentioned in one of his works that CPB is only a year older than him.

CPB is a mild-appearing school-going kid, born genius, and child prodigy, while his alter-ego is a local underworld don with a heart of gold. He rides around in an autorikshaw (nicknamed The Chick’auto™) being good to those who are good and bad to those who are bad. Born and brought up in Chickpet, he also has a cute little sister who is undoubtedly the apple of his eye.

CPB is also believed to have yet another secret alter-ego, the ‘YO!Man’ (actually pronounced WO-man), although much has not been mentioned about this particular character.

The stories more often than not revolve around CPB’s face-offs with well-known people, like Osama (dust)bin Laden, Sad-damn Who-sane, George (beating-around-the-)Bush and Munnabhai, and the consequences that follow. In the end though all ends well as CPB inevitably saves the day. You have to read the entire stories to appreciate them.

1) CPB’s birthday? 13th August. Which year? EVERY year!
2) CPB is a big fan of Carmen Sandiego.

There is a disclaimer though. This description might not do full justice to the phenomenon that is Chick’pet Bhai™. There’s more to this character than just that. With time, you will realize why this guy rose to become-

Chick’pet Bhai™

The Pseudo Man. The Pseudo Legend. My Pseudo Hero.

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