It is widely believed that teenage is that part of our lives when we’re most self-conscious about ourselves. We resort to doing some pretty crazy stuff when we’re alone or bored. Before you begin to drift off, I suggest you go on reading this.

I mean, it is believed teenage is that age when people are supposed to be going through an identity crisis, searching for their identity, their own place in this big bad world. And in a well-meant quest to build self-esteem, they think of ways which will convince them that they are no less than anybody else in the crowd. Stuff like google-ing their own names to look out for any interesting results that might show up, or making acronyms of the same. I’m sure we’ve all done all that, right? So, it doesn’t really come as a surprise if I say that as a teenager a few years ago, I too indulged in all these stuff. And some more!

Googling my name was not much of a help. All that I could find was my name in various entrance test rank-lists- CET, COMED-K, et al. Acronym, yes. And now, when I look back, I don’t think I might really be all that my name stood for. Anyway.

Then there was the personalized ‘crest’! As an avid Harry Potter fan back then, I tried to design a crest for myself, just like the ones Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin Houses had! (To those who have no idea what I am talking about, I’m sorry to say you’ve lived an incomplete childhood). The crest had my name written in the shortest possible way, and the way it turned out, it happened to spell ‘AE’. Now, AE could stand for a lot of things- Albert Einstein (one of those nerd dudes I idolized back in school, his theories of relativity and the famous twin paradox) or Aerospace Engineering (that was my dream career path), or how my full name had exactly the same number of letters as Zaheer Khan’s (and 5 letters in common too!), or how I had curly hair just like Sachin Tendulkar, or how my sprinting style was so similar to Michael Johnson… That’s not coincidence, you know, it’s called the ‘teenage effect’! What’s more, I even went all the way and got myself a T-shirt done, which had both my crest as well as the acronym on the front, with the sole intention of strutting around wearing it (“like a boss”). I’m not sure if I succeeded, I used to be way too shy to be a show-off (unfortunate!). Nevertheless, this is how the front of that T-shirt looked like. I still have it with me. Fond memories.

P.S. But it doesn’t mean I’m any better now. I’m as insane a jerk as I always was. People mature with age, so that makes me a matured jerk.

I am       NAUGHTY
I am       AWESOME
I am       VIBRANT
I am       ELEGANT 
I am       NAVEEN
Do the new.


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